2017 Week 7 AP Poll

Week 7
Alabama Crimson Tide
Clemson Tigers
Penn State Nittany Lions
Georgia Bulldogs
Washington Huskies
TCU Horned Frogs
Wisconsin Badgers
Washington State Cougars
Ohio State Buckeyes
Auburn Tigers
Miami Hurricanes
Oklahoma Sooners
USC Trojans
Oklahoma State Cowboys
Virginia Tech Hokies
Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Michigan Wolverines
South Florida Bulls
San Diego State Aztecs
North Carolina State Wolfpack
Michigan State Spartans
Central Florida Knights
Stanford Cardinal
Texas Tech Red Raiders
Navy Midshipmen
Conference Breakdown

Key Takeaways

#10 Auburn makes its first appearance inside the Top 10 this season. The Tigers will travel to LSU this weekend looking for their first win in Death Valley since 1999.

This is the first week that only three SEC teams made the poll.

Both #1 Alabama (vs. Arkansas) and #4 Georgia (vs. Missouri) will be at home for a conference game next weekend.

Oklahoma takes a massive drop from #3 all the way down to #12 following its home loss to Iowa State.


Comments Section (Hot Takes Welcome!)

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  • So ND lost to a top 5 team, USC to a top 10 team, and Oklahoma to an in ranked team with their 3rd qb and are still ahead of those two teams?!?! Oh yea, media has to keep them high because that keeps Ohio State game relevant.

    • The AP can’t stand the thought of a poll without Ohio ranked somewhere near the top! No matter what other teams they have to screw out of their proper position they are determined to keep that team relevant, for some reason. It is sickening to sit and watch them beat Indiana, Army, Rutgers, Maryland, etc week after week and still remain in the top of the rankings!

    • Don’t forget that Michigan State is still below Michigan, despite having beat them in their house.

      • Yeah. An unranked team that got blown out by ND should automatically jump in front of a previous top 10 team because of a 4 point win.

        That’s why I’m real glad some of you don’t have voting power in the polls.

        • And thats why some people dont like preseason polls, your offense cannot be that bad and be a top 10 team .

        • Sorry but got to side with the barner , kinda of. The way I see it notre dame should be ranked ahead of Michigan and Michigan state. Michigan state should also be ranked ahead of Michigan!

        • Why? What’s your theory behind that? Notre Dame lost to Georgia. Michigan State lost to ND. Michigan had yet to lose, thus they were ranked higher. Now all three are at 4-1.

          Last year when Georgia was undefeated and Ole Miss had already lost to Alabama and Florida State, was that a reason to put Ole Miss in front of Georgia after they played just because Ole Miss won despite losing already?

        • Does head to head mean nothing anymore? I don’t know if you watched the game but Michigan State looked better. What has Michigan done this year that has impressed you at all

        • I can’t agree with that, sorry. I did watch the game, that storm was intense. Regardless, if State was “obviously” the better team, they should’ve defeated a Michigan team playing their backup QB by more than 4 points. That game was not decided until it was :00s.

          Michigan also has a convincing win over Florida. State has no convincing wins so far.

          Regardless, one of them better stay relevant to take down Ohio State at the end of the year.

        • I mean I guess I understand but in my opinion their starter is by no means a solid quarterback. And State’s defense held stronger than Michigan’s storm or no storm.

          Lastly, Florida? C’mon man! That team is awful! Dumpster fire of an offense.. hope it stays that way.

      • No ole miss had two losses your talking about 3 one loss teams . Michigan state is obviously the better team than Michigan. And notre dame is the better team than both.

  • Washington state moving that high that quickly and nobody saying anything about it?

  • Was kind of hoping Georgia would make it to 3. Why is Penn State even ranked so high? What have they done that’s so special?

  • Does anyone see any other SEC Teams ranked by the end of the season? If LSU can turn things around, they might be a top-25 team. Same with A&M. But outside of that? Clearly, the SEC has fallen on hard times.

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