Five-star QB Gibson to speed up college decision


A few weeks ago in an interview with Saturday Down South, Torrance Gibson said he wasn’t in any hurry to announce his college decision. He hinted that if it took until national signing day, that was fine with him because recruiting was a confusing process and he wanted to take his time to figure it all out.

That’s totally understandable, but there’s a problem. Even with a five-star prospect, a lot of coaching staffs can’t … and likely won’t … wait that long to find out who their quarterback is going to be in this particular year’s class. See, if Gibson says he has a “top seven” and all seven hold that scholarship spot open for him until national signing day to see who he picks, obviously six will be left out in the cold. And by then, the elite quarterbacks will be long gone and a program has a massive gap in its class. Also, most programs don’t want to take two quarterbacks in a class (i.e.–take an ‘insurance’ QB first), as scholarship spots are like gold.

In fact, many programs make it known they really need an answer by summer or they’ll be moving on to their next QB option.

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Undoubtedly, Gibson is feeling some pressure to give at least some indication where he’s leaning–and he posted on his Facebook page and on Twitter Tuesday that he’ll be committing sooner than he’d previously indicated. There’s no set timetable yet, but he did say in an interview with’s Ohio State affiliate that he would like to have it done after spring/by summer. He has said Tennessee, Ohio State and nearby Miami are probably his rough top three, though he’s touring several other schools this week.

“I don’t have date, but I’ll be making my decision most likely a little after the spring or summer,” Gibson told’s Ohio State affiliate. “I just feel l need to commit early to help recruit my class in order to build a team and win a national championship.”

Gibson was at Auburn on Tuesday and LSU on Monday, as well as Oklahoma over the weekend. He’s at Clemson today and will check out Tennessee and Florida before heading back to south Florida. This has been a whirlwind spring break tour to give him a chance to evaluate all of the schools in person. His timing may have nothing to do with coming off his Auburn visit, or does it? He posed for a photo with Gus Malzahn on Tuesday, talked to Cam Newton, watched spring practice and toured the Auburn campus and said he enjoyed meeting everybody on campus and hanging out.

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