Alabama adds former Georgia signee, 2 others


In 2012, Ty Flournoy-Smith played in the SEC Championship Game for Georgia … against Alabama. This fall, he’ll playing for Alabama.

In bizarre twist, Flourney-Smith a 6-foot-3, 230-pound tight end originally out of Moultrie (Ga.), committed to the Crimson Tide on Monday. His career began at Georgia in 2012, and he appeared in eight games. He then had some off-the-field problems that led to his dismissal from the program. He resurrected his career at Georgia Military College, and then was set to transfer this year. He’ll have two seasons of eligibility left at Alabama.

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He had some minor injury issues at Georgia Military, but should be ready to go soon.

“It was going really good until he broke his foot,” Georgia Military coach Bert Williams told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “He got rolled up blocking a guy in our third or fourth game. He made it back for the last regular-season game and bowl game. He wasn’t 100-percent but he was out there. He did a really good job for us. I would’ve liked to have had him for the whole season. But it was good he came back to show people he was healthy.”

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Also coming in for the Crimson Tide were two four-star commitments over the weekend. WR Daylon Charlot is out of LSU’s backyard in Patterson (La.). He’s 5-foot-11, 180 pounds. OL Lester Cotton is a 6-foot-5, 310-pounder out of Tuscaloosa (Ala.). The Tide already have seven commitments for the class of 2015.

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  • Nick Marshall to Auburn, Zach Mettenberger to LSU and now Ty Smith to Bama…..everyone wants UGA’s trash.

    • Everyone else in the league is willing to accept players Georgia wont. And we get made fun of for having thug players? Our thugs get kicked off and become your impact players. We discipline and not many other schools do. Missouri, whats DGB’s punishment for getting caught with a pound of pot?

      • Yeah Georgia has bad kids (every school does) but once they leave they straighten up. I think that says a good amount for both programs involved.

      • Saban kicked a guy off the team for stealing a candy bar. Get off your high horse it’s not like georgia is kicking guys off the team for a 1st offense. If a georgia player didn’t get arrested once or twice a month people wouldn’t think they were undisciplined. BTW I was at UGA at the same time as Odell Thurman, in addition to all of the other stuff he did, dude hit a pregnant girl and got a three game suspension, come on.

      • How do you know he straightened up? And Really? I’d like to read up on this candy bar caper please enlighten me. Still waiting for the word on DGB. And honestly, I’m not an idiot, and I understand that Saban is one of the few coaches who is big on discipline and I respect that. But can you blame me for becoming exhasperated when lots of good talent is kicked out of Athens and picked up by our competition?


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