Auburn commits impressed with defense, even in loss


Were they disappointed with the national title loss? Sure. But several of Auburn’s top recruits were also impressed with how the Tigers handled the Heisman winner and Florida State’s offense in general.

Here are some reactions from Auburn commitments who saw positives even in the loss.

Xavier Dampeer is a junior college transfer who actually made it to Auburn’s campus for early enrollment this week … just in time to be there for the game. He will participate in spring drills.

“The defense did a great job on stopping Jameis Winston,” Dampeer told Saturday Down South. “Auburn was only a couple of plays away from being national champs. I’m proud of where they are and where they came from, and I’m ready to contribute to this team’s success any way I can this upcoming season.”

Nick Ruffin, a four-star high school DB out of Atlanta, agreed.

“They definitely played as hard as they possibly could, and they did what no other team has been able to which is challenge the powerhouse that is FSU,” Ruffin told SDS. “So I can’t be mad at them for losing. I’m proud to call myself an Auburn Tiger and that will never change. They did what no one thought they could and regardless of the outcome, that defense deserves a lot of praise for what they just did.”

Tyler Queen, the four-star QB to be from the 2015 class, was stoked.

“I thought the team all around played outstanding,” Queen told SDS. “The difference was they either made a couple plays or we missed one or two that decided the game. Just goes to show you how far we’ve come in one year’s time.”

And Dontavius Russell? The most recent Auburn commit who switched over from Georgia in December?

“They played a great game from what I saw they are a fake punt away from a national championship,” Russell told SDS.

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  • But would you really expect them to say anything not positive about the team they committed to?

    • Well, the way I look at it … we don’t really care what they say, as long as it is them saying it, you know? It’s their take. We’re just relaying it.

      • No I understand totally. I wasn’t trying to sound like I was knocking what you do, cause that’s definitely not the case (I even envy it).

        • I hear ya. You know, sometimes the kids actually do surprise you and come out with a “now if I had been at linebacker, that wouldn’t have happened, I’ll be there soon” kind of lines. But I don’t bait the kids, really just ask their reactions. I can’t stand reporters who bait the kids, happens all the time too.


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