Five-star DT Settle could end up at Alabama, or a comedy club


Welcome to Saturday Down South’s “D-line Week”, where we talk with some of the top realistic defensive line targets out there for SEC schools. We’ve interviewed some of the biggest names in the country, and we’ll rank them at the end of the week. See who your school has a chance of luring to campus.

The only thing quicker than Tim Settle’s feet is probably his wit.

Settle is the No. 1 prospect in the state of Virginia, a five-star stud who plays on the defensive line (sort of sounds like another five-star prospect that eventually ended up at Alabama–Da’Shawn Hand). Settle is a funny guy, and would not only bring incredible talent at the defensive tackle position–he’s a guy who could keep teammates loose during those stressful SEC title runs.

“I’m a peacemaker, I change moods,” Settle told Saturday Down South. “I’m a mood swinger, that’s it!”

Alabama would love to land him, and it appears the Crimson Tide have a good chance, along with Ohio State and his in-state schools–Virginia and Virginia Tech. Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Mizzou, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas A&M have also extended offers.

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Hand also has a playful side, so the comparisons are going to come–both are native Virginians, both are five-star defensive linemen, both have experience being hounded by SEC schools–a conference that prides itself in landing the nation’s top defensive linemen.

“I look up to (Hand) as an older brother type of guy,” Settle told SDS. “We met two years ago and played against each other, and all of the other NIKE and Under Armour stuff. We started to hang out a lot more and that bond happened. I just know that Da’Shawn Hand had a lot on his table, but he was the type of guy who was going to do what was best for him. I mean, everybody had him going to Michigan. I don’t know about all of that. Da’Shawn is outgoing, he’s creative. He had everybody thinking Michigan and he pulled an okey doke on them all and went with Alabama.”

So could an elite defensive lineman like Settle see himself heading south to the SEC, as opposed to playing for Urban Meyer or in the ACC?

“I could see myself in the SEC,” Settle told SDS. “To be successful, you have to get taught by the best. I know there are a lot of great coaches in the SEC. It seems like there has always been an SEC team in the national championship, they’re so dominant. They’re the top conference in the NCAA, they’re destructive. I heard somebody say that there are three leagues in the NFL–the NFC, the AFC and the SEC. I’ve heard that a lot. It’s a dominant force of crazy.”

So what could the team that lands him expect to get, if Mr. Tim Settle chooses to reside on their campus for a few years? Well, how about a personality that could make a relatively stoic guy like Nick Saban crack up? And how about the kind of play that would make Saban crack a sincere smile?

“Ever since I was an ankle biter, I’ve always been the MVP,” Settle told SDS. “The coaches all say they like my size and they haven’t seen a guy my size move like this. I get compared to Warren Sapp, but no disrespect–nobody plays like me. I do what I do. I chase from behind, with spin moves and I block passes. I’m a playmaker. I play both sides of the ball, and get like 156 plays average a game, and I’m still standing on the field after all that. I get tired, sometimes, but it’s not going to help my team if I’m not out there.

“I bring intensity and I cause chaos.”

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