Four-star O-lineman Sharpe delays his announcement … again


A few weeks ago, coveted offensive lineman David Sharpe had to postpone his college announcement. He hinted on his Twitter feed that his high school, Providence out of Jacksonville (Fla.), wouldn’t allow it to happen.

A second date was chosen–Thursday, Dec. 5. But according to Sharpe’s very brief recent Tweet, the announcement has been postponed once again–to Thursday, Dec. 12. His father had been quoted for many weeks saying they’d want to wrap things up before he got deep into his high school basketball season–as he is a talented hoopster too.

Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and others can’t wait to hear the final decision, but they’ll have to wait one more week.

Sharpe enjoyed his official visit to Florida over the weekend, and even though the trip was interrupted briefly by his need to play basketball for his high school team, he was there for most of the weekend. Florida and Tennessee received official visits from Sharpe, and Georgia was also a hot commodity. And of course Florida State is nearby and doing extremely well on the field. He’ll have several hats on the table when he finally does announce, but it appears Florida may once again be the team to beat for his services after there was a time period where the Bulldogs were looking good.

Sharpe dropped in many services’ rankings over the course of the regular season, from a five-star to a four-star. Some entities felt he did not perform well this year. But at 6-foot-6, 290 pounds with athleticism, he has a huge upside.

Editor’s note: All rankings used by Saturday Down South, individual and team-wise, refer to the composite ranking.

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  • Two things: One, Georgia hasn’t been recruiting this kid for awhile. Two, something is definitely up with him because other programs have backed off, as well. Will be interesting to see if something surfaces about him.

    • Hey Dawg….with all due respect, I’ve heard it 1000 times that “we aren’t recruiting him now” when it becomes apparent he’s not heading there. Trust me, Georgia wanted him earlier this fall, you have to concede that. And I think the reason backing off is happening is there was a feeling that he didn’t have a real good senior year … and this has also been reflected in his recruiting rankings, which have dropped. Regardless……a 6-6, 290 kid who can move? He’ll find a home, ya know?

      • Oh yeah, Georgia definitely wanted him this fall. I guess “awhile” is subject to interpretation. Nevertheless, his senior year caused him to get a very recent bump in one recruiting site, that being Rivals, so I don’t think that’s necessarily it (though that bump could be based on potential, who knows?). He’s got tremendous upside, no doubt, but I still think there is a little smoke here. That’s all I was saying.

        • Agreed …. and you know, Georgia has been the kind of school in the past to say “OK, we really need to know what you’re doing so we can move on with our next kid if need be (so they’re aren’t stringing along some other kid down the chain). That plus a subpar senioritis year could be whats up.

  • Go Vols!!!!! Come be a Vol For life!!!!!!!!


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