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Nash Grier Florida QB Famous Brother

Will Grier accounted for 90 touchdowns this fall, he’s Parade Magazine’s All America Player of the Year, and he may be on the field starting at quarterback at the University of Florida as early as this fall.

Yet Will still claims he’s the second most well-known member of his family.

Nash Grier, his younger brother by two years, has several million followers on Vine — the video equivalent of Twitter. His Twitter account has over 1 million followers and the funny thing is, a year ago none of this existed.

It was also a little more than a year ago that Will began getting some national notoriety—but nothing on the level of his “gone viral in six seconds” brother. Nash has been all over the northern hemisphere in the past two months—including Iceland for New Years and a guest at the Grammys. Teen girls hang on his every word, a dream come true for any teen boy.

It’s amazing how much the Charlotte (N.C.) area based Grier family household has changed since the beginning of 2013.

“It’s pretty accurate. It’s funny though, that has definitely changed just this year,” Nash told Saturday Down South. “And there’s definitely a fine line between who knows what. When a bunch of teenagers see us, they say ‘That’s Nash’s brother who plays football’ but with older fans, I’m definitely Will’s brother. It’s pretty funny how it works. I think we both help each other with the recognition.

“Me and Will have a pretty unique relationship. It’s always been goofy. We just mess around and do stupid stuff. We have a lot of fun. When we do Vines, we’re just trying to make people laugh.”

Will told SDS that Nash was actually a pretty good football player before he began working on his future career in showbiz at the age of 15. Things blew up from there, and younger siblings Hayes and Skylynn have joined with Will to help Nash push the stardom. Skylynn is the little girl in several of Nash’s “Vines” and has 13,000 Twitter followers–and she’s not even five years old yet. Hayes has almost 200,000 followers. For those keeping track at home, Will has 23,000.

“He started making those Vine videos and he just blew up on there,” Will told SDS. “He has like millions of followers on Vine. He’s a teen superstar, everybody loves him and he’s been on Good Morning America and other shows.  … He really is my best friend, and he’s always been an absolute hilarious kid. I could definitely see him being an actor when he was young. It was unfolding that way.”

Father Chad Grier is still trying to get his mind wrapped around everything going on.

“It has been pretty busy around here for a few months,” Chad told SDS.

That’s an understatement. Chad helped get the football program at Davidson Day School off the ground just in time for Will’s freshman year at the school—kicking things off with a junior varsity program. The program then moved to varsity and proceeded to win three straight state championships in its division. So Will went from a state championship run in mid November to graduating early from high school in December, traveling because of all sorts of awards, hitting the U.S. Army All America Game in Texas and then reporting to the campus of the University of Florida to start spring term.

Meanwhile, as mentioned above, Nash was flying all over the place making all kinds of publicity appearances. The jet-lagged family has hardly had a chance to catch its breath. And then, Friday they were able to get together again in New York City when they were guests of Parade Magazine at the NFL Hall of Fame Luncheon. Chad, Will and Nash were actually in the company of people who have even bigger reputations than they do. They posed for pictures of Florida Gator Hall of Famers like Emmitt Smith and Jack Youngblood, and met countless other living legends of the game.

It’s been an interesting ride, for both brothers. They’re competitive, and they are thriving in their own way. Nash said he’s trying to use his background with Vine to transition into something in a more popular medium like TV and movies. He’s well aware of his brand, and protective of it—but at the same time he’s incredibly approachable and humble.

And he swears he is his brother’s biggest fan.

“We kind of joke with each other about (their successes), kind of inside jokes about how he’s D-I. We’re very competitive, so we’re always gunning at each other,” Nash told SDS. “But there’s such a difference in, well, I guess you’d call it fields that we’re in. I don’t know how to explain it, because what we’re both doing is so different. We’re always competing, but at the end of the day, I’ll tell him that what he’s doing is awesome.

“I brag on him way too much, for sure. I love watching him play. When he’s doing good things on the field, it just makes me feel good.”

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