Kentucky football recruits are hoops fans tonight


Whether they’re already committed to play football for Kentucky–or they are being heavily pursued by the Wildcats–this year’s football class is in awe of what the basketball program is doing.

Tonight, they’ll be cheering during Kentucky’s national championship game with UConn. There seems to be a universal theme when the recruits are asked about this tremendous run the ‘Cats are on–they love that the freshmen have a lot to do with the success.

“I think it’s great,” said prime target Luke Hiers, who may very well end up committed to Kentucky in the near future. “I think they can use it as a great tool in football recruiting, too. I think this is only the beginning for them because they’re so young.”

Sam Franklin, another one of Kentucky’s targets out of Florida, agreed. “I think Kentucky has a great team. It’s a young team but they sure grew up a lot. They have a chance to taking it all.”

Here are some other reactions–

Wildcats’ target Kei Beckham— “I like the run they’ve had in basketball is great and it’s special because they’re young and everybody was doubting them.”

Recent commitment Logan Stenberg— “I like how young they are and how they are going through adversity. But they keep upsetting teams and proving how good they really are.”

Wildcats’ target JarMarkus Sims–“I hope they kill UConn.”


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