Les Miles offers five-star Georgia signee invaluable dating advice


Georgia signee Lorenzo Carter has a boatload of personality, which was easily apparent in a recent Q-and-A interview he did with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Michael Carvell.

At one point in the interview, Carter told Carvell about how close he came to signing with LSU (more on that later), and how Tigers’ head coach Les Miles gave him dating advice.

An excerpt– “Girl talk with Les Miles was kind of awkward because you don’t think of him as a ladies man. But he seems like he knows what he’s talking about … (Miles added) Don’t be rude when they call late at night.’ So I was like ‘OK, I won’t be rude. I just won’t pick up the phone.’”

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Interestingly, Carter said he came really close to signing with LSU, and he said they actually led up until signing day.

“That was my biggest secret — how much I liked LSU,” Carter said. “I never really told people that, that LSU was leading. LSU led all the way up until signing day. And people at my school were saying ‘You’re going to Florida. You are going to Florida.’ I was like ‘OK, whatever.’ But that was fun.”

Carter went on to discuss some of the ups and downs of the recruiting process, and said most of the experience was positive. He also talked about fellow native Georgian blue-chip prospect Raekwon McMillan and why he didn’t come on board with the Bulldogs. He joked that it may have come down to one of the famous portrait sketches Georgia’s program sends to recruits.

An excerpt– “I looked good in (the portrait), compared to how I look in real life. Raekwon’s picture didn’t look good. It was ugly. He didn’t like it. That’s probably why he didn’t come to UGA (and signed with Ohio State).”

You can read the entire Q-and-A at AJC.com.

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