Updated national recruiting rankings see 6 SEC teams in nation’s top 10


It must be lonely up there, at the top of that rankings mountain. Nobody else within sight. That’s about how things are for Alabama.

The next closest program in the national recruiting ranking is Penn State, and the next SEC school is Auburn at No. 3. Mathematically, they have a lot of ground to make up before they challenge Alabama–which has had quite a recruiting run in April and May.

Overall, the SEC holds six of the nation’s top 10 spots and 12 of the top 30. Only Ole Miss and Vanderbilt are outside the top 30, and that’s more because of numbers (only 4 and 2 commitments so far) than anything else.

Here’s a look at the 14 SEC schools and how they stack up against each other and the rest of the country for the class of 2015:

EDITOR’S NOTE: All rankings, team or individual, are based on composite rankings from 247Sports.com.

SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 15
SEC: No. 1
Nationally: No. 1
Top committed prospect: DB Minkah Fitzpatrick (No. 30 in nation)
Headlined by: WR Calvin Ridley (No. 41); DE Mekhi Brown (No. 43).
The skinny: The Crimson Tide have been on fire the past six weeks, landing seven commitments in April alone. Everybody else is currently playing catchup.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 14
SEC: No. 2
Nationally: No. 3
Top committed prospect: RB Jovon Robinson (No. 1 JUCO player in nation).
Headlined by: ATH Kerryon Johnson (No. 34 in nation); DB Jordan Colbert (No. 181); RB D’Anfernee McGriff (No. 186),
The skinny: Auburn has added nine commitments in a month-long span from mid April through last week–with six of them being of the four-star variety.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 11
SEC: No. 3
Nationally: No. 5
Top committed prospect: DB Kevin Toliver (No. 2 in nation).
Headlined by: OL Maea Teuhema (No. 26); RB Nick Brossette (No. 79).
The skinny: Tigers’ most recent commitment, Jevonte Domond, is nation’s top JUCO O-lineman … and there’s a chance he could be on the field this fall.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 9
SEC: No. 4
Nationally: No. 6
Top committed prospect: DT Daylon Mack (No. 11 ranked overall individual prospect in the nation)
Headlined by: RB Rodney Anderson (No. 80); DB Larry Pryor (No. 106).
The skinny: The Aggies held the No. 1 spot at the beginning of April, but Alabama, Auburn and LSU pushed past with huge pickups since. Fans will be happy at the end of this month when legacy QB Kyler Murray makes his decision.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 11
SEC: No. 5
Nationally: No. 7
Top committed prospect: WR Preston Williams (No. 44 in nation)
Headlined by: OL Jack Jones (No. 132); ATH Jauan Jennings (No. 163).
The skinny: Think the 2014 signing class was impressive? Wait until this class is all sewn up and delivered. Butch Jones has turned the Vols into a recruiting powerhouse.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 12
SEC: No. 6
Nationally: No. 10
Top committed prospect: WR Donald Gray (No. 7 JUCO prospect in country).
Headlined by: DE Timothy Washington (No. 275 in nation); WR Dontea Jones (No. 381).
The skinny: So far the Bulldogs are owning Ole Miss in terms of recruiting, which gives the fans something to brag about.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 9
SEC: No. 7
Nationally: No. 11
Top committed prospect: DE Shameik Blackshear (No. 23 in nation).
Headlined by: DB Mark Fields (No. 115), ATH Jalen Christian (No. 145), QB Lorenzo Nunez (No. 199)
The skinny: With four-star QB Lorenzo Nunez on board, fans have something big to look forward to. Four-star athlete Jalen Christian may be on board by the end of Thursday, too.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 8
SEC: No. 8
Nationally: No. 17
Top committed prospect: DT Hjalte Froholdt (No. 91 in nation).
Headlined by: QB Ty Storey (No. 208); DE Jamario Bell (No. 146).
The skinny: This is already one of the Razorbacks’ top recruiting starts in a long time. They have a great in-state class this year too, and if they keep them all home–watch out.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 7
SEC: No. 9
Nationally: No. 20
Top committed prospect: ATH Terry Godwin (No. 24 in nation).
Headlined by: DB Rico McGraw (No. 122); DE Chauncey Rivers (No. 117).
The skinny: The Bulldogs have been relatively quiet the past several weeks, but could four-star Natrez Patrick be on board by the end of Friday?

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 9
SEC: No. 10
Nationally: No. 22
Top committed prospect: LB Eli Brown (No. 184 in nation).
Headlined by: TE C.J. Conrad (No. 192); WR Alex Stump (No. 435)
The skinny: Four players in this class already are from Mark Stoops’ home state of Ohio–which has become a talent hotbed for the Wildcats.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 7
SEC: No. 11
Nationally: No. 26
Top committed prospect: QB Drew Lock (No. 156 nationally)
Headlined by: RB Natereace Strong (No. 232); RB Chase Abbington (No. 9 JUCO prospect nationally).
The skinny: Tigers are about as redhot in recruiting as they’ve been in years. April was a very good month that saw it land its future QB and several other impressive athletes.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 7
SEC: No. 12
Nationally: No. 27
Top committed prospect: ATH Marcus Lewis (No. 113 in nation)
Headlined by: WR Tristan Payton (No. 322), OL Tyler Jordan (No. 382)
The skinny: The Gators landed their best recruit in late April, and it’s not just about what’s already on board–it’s about who will come aboard soon. The Gators will be stacked.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 5
SEC: No. 13
Nationally: No. 34
Top committed prospect: RB Eric Swinney (No. 98 in nation).
Headlined by: ATH Willie Hibbler (No. 270); DB Ugo Amadi (No. 420), RB Rawleigh Williams (No. 600).
The skinny: Who are we kidding? It’s just a matter of time before Ole Miss hits the recruiting streak that Mississippi State has enjoyed in recent weeks.

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SEC College Football Recruiting DirectSnap Live Updates
Commitments: 2
SEC: No. 14
Nationally: No. 66
Top committed prospect: DB Donovan Sheffield (No. 252)
Headlined by: RB Josh Crawford (No. 979).
The skinny: There haven’t been any new pickups in the six weeks since our last ranking, but this new staff is just getting started.

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  • Mizzou hasn’t worn that helmet in three years. I know we’re still the new guys on the block, but it shouldn’t be that hard to find a current helmet to use in your articles.

  • Butch Jones doing work!

  • Im happy my dogs are up there but really? it’s way to soon to be doing any braging . If we are still doing this well going into egg bowl will be nice but fighting the like’s of Bama, LSU and others will be a full-time job.

  • Here is Rivals

    #1 Alabama 15 2 11 2 4 2213
    #2 Penn State 16 0 10 6 3.63 1763
    #3 Auburn 14 1 9 4 3.79 1544
    #4 Clemson 13 1 3 8 3.42 1307
    #5 South Carolina 10 1 6 3 3.8 1226
    #6 LSU 11 2 2 6 3.45 1204
    #7 Texas A&M 9 0 7 2 3.78 1122
    #8 Tennessee 11 0 5 5 3.36 1034
    #9 Nebraska 11 0 4 7 3.36 1029
    #10 Florida State 9 0 4 5 3.44 1024