NCAA allows another form of social media–doesn’t affect football (yet?)


Sometimes, you get the feeling the NCAA approves certain measures because it doesn’t understand what it is approving and just hopes it is harmless. It is easier that way.

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Sure, the governing body knows what that archaic land line telephone can do when recruiting a prospective athlete, not that anybody under 60 uses one any more. It knows all about snail mailing, and even emailing (and probably miss the days of the telegraph and Pony Express, too). On Tuesday, it approved a relatively new form of social media (Snapchat) when it comes to recruiting non-football athletes–probably because they knew there was no way to police it. That’s the same situation with Facebook and Twitter personal messages–since there’s no public record of it, like a phone bill, it’s sort of hard to govern.

While it is not allowed for football recruiting (yet?), sports like basketball are cleared to use it starting Aug. 1.

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Snapchat is the newest social ‘medium’ to join the party. It’s a way of transmitting images and even video, and one doesn’t have to be too creative to realize what that can lead to. In some ways, it could be pretty innocent-and even harmlessly hilarious–and it may not ever come close to rivaling Facebook and Twitter and others. But if somebody gets creative–i.e., creative images–it could become a popular way to turn a key recruit’s head. Could it become a “Ladies of Name-Your-College-Here Calendar-esque”? Could it get worse, since it’s not going to be governed?

It’s all probably pretty harmless. But you never know.

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