SEC’s top 5 defensive tackle targets for 2015


The defensive line is the backbone of what makes the SEC great, that’s the way we see it at Saturday Down South. Here’s a look at the top 5 defensive tackles that have a realistic chance of ending up on SEC rosters.

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Editor’s note: Saturday Down South’s references to ratings follow the composite rankings. Also, for more in-depth SDS written stories about these top prospects, click on the blue links.

1. Trent Thompson, Albany (Ga.), 6-4/295

  • SEC schools: Georgia, Alabama, Auburn
  • The skinny: Thompson told Saturday Down South (click his name/link for the story) that Georgia is definitely one of the schools that impresses him the most, and he of course is from the Peach State. That makes the Bulldogs tough to beat for this amazing athlete–strong, big and quick.

2. Daron Payne, Birmingham (Ala.), 6-2/320

  • SEC schools: Alabama, Auburn, Georgia
  • The skinny: Payne is just a flat out bulldozer at his position. Or a bowling ball, take your pick. He’s a solid five-star prospect who looks to be a solid Bama-Auburn battle, with the Crimson Tide looking like the front runners at this point.

3. Daylon Mack, Gladewater (Tex.), 6-2/310

  • SEC schools: Committed to Texas A&M
  • The skinny: Mack is a big-old friendly teddy bear who could be a cornerstone for an upgrade in the Aggies’ defense. Mack is explosive and may be one of those guys considered an instant impact player–when he gets on campus in 2015.

4. Tim Settle, Manassas (Va.), 6-4/305

  • SEC schools: Alabama, Ole Miss, Texas A&M
  • The skinny: At this point, the only team in the SEC that seems to have a realistic shot of landing Settle would be Alabama, but that hasn’t kept a bunch of the others from trying. Settle also has Ohio State and his in-state schools all over him. Settle is full of personality and would be an upbeat kid to have on the roster.

5. Albert Huggins, Orangeburg (S.C.), 6-3/280

  • SEC schools: Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Auburn, LSU
  • The skinny: As far as SEC schools are concerned, Georgia and South Carolina would be the teams to keep an eye on (he lives pretty close to Columbia, S.C.), but Clemson is also a serious threat. Huggins is an upbeat guy.who would be great in the lockerroom, as well as on the field.
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