Top five realistic 2015 recruiting targets: Vanderbilt Commodores


Vanderbilt had some huge recruiting momentum going its way before the coaching switch changed everything. It even had a lot of good things going for it already in the 2015 class. Now the Commodores are working hard to rebuild that momentum and they have their eye on some outstanding 2015 talent.

Editor’s note: Saturday Down South’s references to ratings follow the composite rankings.

UPDATE–Since this piece ran two weeks ago, the Commodores did indeed pick up a commitment from the No. 1 guy on this list, Donovan Sheffield.

1. Donovan Sheffield, Nashville (Tenn.), 5-11/170, Defensive back

  • National rank: No. 215 overall prospect
  • SEC schools: Vanderbilt, Ole Miss
  • The skinny: Sheffiled was originally on board with Vanderbilt, before the coaching change mixed everything up. He is warming up to the Commodores again and attended their junior day late last month. Don’t be surprised if he’s officially on board soon, and he’ll be a four-star cornerstone of this class.

2. Jackson Harris, Columbia (Tenn.), 6-5/245, Tight end

  • National rank: No. 276 overall
  • SEC schools: Vanderbilt, Georgia, Alabama
  • The skinny: You name it, Harris has been offered by that school. He’s bright, he has a good frame for the position, and he’s willing to learn. He’d be a perfect fit at Vanderbilt if they can land him, but they’ll have competition.

3. Josh Smith, Murfreesboro (Tenn.), 6-4, 220, Linebacker

  • National rank: No. 294 overall
  • SEC schools: Vandy, Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee
  • The skinny: Smith is a big guy and he can hit. In the past month Alabama and Auburn have come on strongly, and most of the SEC has been on him from day one. this would be a huge recruiting victory if the Commodores pull it off.

4. Alex Givens, Nashville (Tenn.), 6-6/265, Offensive line

  • National rank: No. 713 overall
  • SEC schools: Vandy, Auburn, Tennessee
  • The skinny: Vastly underrated by the services and that will probably change down the line. He’s a big, tall tackle with very good feet. He has listed Auburn as a favorite, but he hasn’t gotten an offer yet so the Commodores are in good shape.

5. T.J. Haney, Gaffney (S.C.), 6-6/315, Offensive line

  • National rank: No. 761 overall
  • SEC schools: Vandy, South Carolina
  • The skinny: Haney makes his final decision known on April 4, and it’s looking pretty good for the Commodores. Haney does not have a South Carolina yet, so it would seem all signs point to Vanderbilt.
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