Top South Carolina target to announce Friday


On Monday, coveted recruit Donell Stanley told Saturday Down South that he wasn’t “sick” of the recruiting process, but it was about time to wrap things up. Well, wrap up time will be Friday at 1 p.m. at his high school–Latta H.S. in South Carolina.

The offensive lineman (6-4/330) will choose between South Carolina and Clemson on Friday, and it appears the Gamecocks may have the slight edge. The consensus four-star prospect recently eliminated Alabama and North Carolina.

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“Yes sir, I am ready to end it,” Stanley told SDS on Monday. “This was a long process for me. I’ve been in it since my freshman year and I’ve seen all I needed to see. I’m not sick of it, but it was time for me to commit. To be honest, it was tough because I’ve developed a strong relationship with my top four schools, but I can’t attend all four at one time and I had to make a decision and I did. Now I can focus a lot more at the task at hand at my high school.”

“But these four (coaches) were real and genuine and it’s tough, I could see myself at all four because all have my best interest in mind … with some schools, you could tell who just wanted me there for my football abilities.”

A few weeks ago, he also told SDS that “the SEC is the top conference, top to bottom”.

“My advice to the younger recruits is some advice I received myself,” Stanley told SDS three weeks ago. “No matter how many offers or who they come from, never change who you are and don’t get lost in the process. And finally, enjoy the ride.”

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