Top player in Tennessee has trimmed list, sets announcement date


Drew Richmond, the No. 1 rated overall prospect in the state of Tennessee, has a list of 11 finalists and he knows when he’ll announce his college choice.

The SEC schools that made the cut are Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Ole Miss and his home state school–Tennessee.

The non-SEC schools? Clemson, Florida State, Memphis, North Carolina, Ohio State and UCLA.

“All of them just meet some of my qualifications that I desire in a school,” Richmond texted to Saturday Down South.

Tennessee, Ole Miss and Ohio State seem to have the early lean for his services, but he’s kept things close to the vest. Richmond is a 6-foot-5, 315 pound offensive lineman out of Memphis (Tenn.).

Also, he will announce his final decision on Sept. 9. It is the fifth anniversary of when a good childhood friend of his passed away due to the Swine Flu. His friend talked him into playing football.

Editor’s note: Saturday Down South’s references to ratings follow the composite rankings for high school prospects.

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  • I not I’m a little bias, but from all the news and what he has said, he looks like a heavy Ole Miss lean.

    • ArmyGuy, ya know I love ya … but gonna have to disagree here. But I think you guys have a slight chance. Talking to him more in depth next week for “SDS O-line Week”. Will give further feel there. Seems like a nice kid.

      • I hear ya, but I get just about all my info from Rebels247 and from what I have been reading and hearing is that Ole Miss has a lot more than a slight chance, but that’s just my opinion. I agree that he is a very good kid.


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