This will be the best news you hear all day.

While many are quick to doubt the upcoming college football season will be played due to the coronavirus pandemic, ESPN’s Adam Schefter just shared the later optimistic update regarding the 2020 season.

After speaking with “people in and around college football this week”, the ESPN NFL insider shared the following comment on Thursday:

“Speaking to people in and around college football this week, there is ‘strong conviction’ there will be college football this season. Uncertainty about when – multiple scenarios being debated – but they sound certain there still will be college football this season.”

That sentiment echoes what many coaches and administrators have said in recent days after the initial doom and gloom regarding the possibility of the 2020 college football season being shut down first went viral following Kirk Herbstreit’s comments during an appearance on ESPN radio.

We may not be anywhere close to being out of the woods when it comes to dealing with the coronavirus or the impact it’s going to leave us with but the good news is we still have months to adjust before final decisions have to be made in regards to the upcoming college football season.