Saturday night was a celebration of sorts for college football fans with Central Arkansas beating Austin Peay in a nationally televised FCS game that kicked off the start of the 2020 season.

Less than 12 hours removed from the conclusion of that game, the Big Ten issued its first tweet in 12 days.

Instead of an update on where the league stands when it comes to its postponed football schedule, the Big Ten took a moment to praise the “B1GDifference” made by all the students, alumni faculty and staff during the COVID pandemic.

That message could not have been delivered at a worse time considering many fans across the country blame the Big Ten for attempting to have the 2020 college football season canceled or postponed for all teams.

While anyone could have seen these reactions coming, the Big Ten probably had no ability to read the room and issue this tweet just after the first college football game of the 2020 season was played on Saturday night.

Check out these reactions below if you are in need of a good laugh: