Jackson State got off to a good start on Sunday with a season-opening win over Florida A&M, 7-6. But it wasn’t without some struggles, especially from the quarterback, Shedeur Sanders, who is Deion Sanders’ son.

“I loved it, we played great defensively,” Coach Prime said. “Offensively we were really sporadic. We’ve got to do better inside the 40s. And we’ll fix it. We’ll clean it up. But it was a great win. A great win. I’m always critical. That’s who I am; I’m a perfectionist. And it’s going to be hard to sleep tonight but I’d rather sleep with a dub than sleep with an L.”

But in the press conference after the game, father and son had a hilarious exchange about Shedeur’s play. Sanders was 18-for-24 passing for 221 yards, but he also had 10 carries for negative 13 yards, including a long of just 5 yards.

That led to this exchange:

Q. What were your thoughts on Shedeur’s performance today?

COACH PRIME: Shedeur was all right. I was on his butt — you gotta understand, I’m his father, too. I know what he’s capable of doing. He was trying to do too much early on. Made a couple of bad decisions and fumbled — it’s funny at the halftime; tell me what you told me at the halftime. You were going to stop doing what?

SHEDEUR SANDERS: I’m done being Lamar Jackson. (Laughter).

COACH PRIME: He walked over to me. I said you straight, you done being Lamar Jackson. I said, thank you, sir, because you are killing us.

But he made a couple of freshman mistakes. But overall, I think he was 18 of 24. I’ll take that — 18 to 24, 221, no picks, no turnovers. I like that. In that aspect I like it.

We’ve got to make more advantage of certain situations we had. We’re going to do a better job with understanding who he is, how he is, what he is and put him in the right situations to be successful. That’s our job.

I’ve got another son, too, by the way. Played pretty darned good. And I’m thinking of adopting him if he stays straight.

H/T ASAP Sports.