Deion Sanders isn’t surprised that his alma mater was left out of the College Football Playoff for Alabama. Coach Prime said it all comes down to business.

Appearing on 247Sports’ “Transfer Portal Palooza,” Sanders was asked about the CFP controversy. After the conference championship games, Alabama took the final Playoff spot as Florida State was dropped from No. 4 to No. 5 after improving to 13-0 with a win in the ACC Championship Game.

“It’s no way you’re going to leave Coach Saban and Alabama out of a playoff, and Georgia,” Sanders said. “No, you’re not going to leave Georgia and Alabama out. It ain’t no Playoff if you do that.”

Sanders’ inclusion of Georgia is an important point. Alabama fans would have been quick to remind him that the Crimson Tide was the first team out last season in favor of TCU and Ohio State. Sanders continued on the topic, praising FSU head coach Mike Norvell and suggesting that the committee ultimately made a business decision.

“I don’t know how I would have handled that,” Sanders said. “I think Coach Norvell did a wonderful job articulating himself, speaking his truth, and the players supporting him as well. That’s a tough one. … But they’re going to always go with the business. People think it’s just football. You’ve got to understand this is a business.”