Looking for some content to hold you over prior to kickoff? With the introduction of the SEC Network (and the success of ESPN’s 30 for 30 franchise), there have been some excellent documentaries covering great stories within the conference.

Here are our eight favorite SEC football documentaries from recent years:

It’s Time

The story of a tragic injury on the field of play between Ole Miss and Vanderbilt was told in the ESPN SEC Storied documentary. You’ll learn the story of when Ole Miss defensive back Chucky Mullins became paralyzed on a hit on Vanderbilt’s Brad Gaines.

From our review last year:

But what quickly becomes apparent is that this isn’t the story of a tragic injury, but a story of an inspiring figure, a man who would touch the lives of untold people. The hit, and the following injury was a catalyst for those men, among others, to bond, and to show everyone around them that there was more to life than football. For a school that had a history of racism, the community stood together in it’s support for a player, regardless of his race, who needed a family. In the coming months and years, those who had provided support for Chucky Mullins, emotionally and financially, found that they were the ones who were receiving support and inspiration. He was just that type of man. A smile never far from his face, he inspired to the end, and even beyond. Chucky reminded all to never quit, and to do everything the right way, 100%.


Easily one of the most fascinating athletes in SEC history is Herschel Walker. The SEC Storied documentary covers his career and his life. Whether you’re a Georgia fan or not, you’ll love this film on the SEC legend.

Bonus: The 30 for 30 short, The Great Trade Robbery, tells the story of the Dallas Cowboys trading Herschel Walker to the Minnesota Vikings. It is quite interesting.

The Believer

Possibly the No. 1 personality in SEC history, Steve Spurrier has done it all. He’s won a Heisman. He’s won the national championship as a coach. And he’s provided endless entertainment for decades with his witty quotes. Kenny Chesney directs The Believer, and it is a must watch for any SEC fan.

The Believer – Steve

The Play That Changed College Football

The documentary tells the story of 1992 SEC Championship game between Florida and Alabama, and how the game changed college football. However, if the outcome of one play had been different, we might be looking at a very different college football landscape.

The Book of Manning

The Mannings are SEC royalty, and no better film out there tells the story of Archie, Peyton, Eli and the other Mannings like the SEC Stored: Book of Manning film.

SEC Storied: Croom

His on-field results may have been mixed during his time as the head coach of the Mississippi State Bulldogs, but Sylvester Croom is one of the most important historical figures in SEC history. The former Bear Bryant disciple became the first black head coach in the Southeastern Conference when Mississippi State hired him prior to the 2004 season. The film will give you a great appreciation for Croom as a man and as a football coach.

Roll Tide / War Eagle

I actually thought this documentary could have been better considering just how great the Alabama-Auburn rivalry has been and continues to be, but nevertheless, Roll Tide / War Eagle is mandatory watching for SEC fans.

Tim Tebow: Everything In Between

Tebow had one of the greatest careers ever as a college football player, but once the attention turned to his game at the NFL level, everything changed. Fans and pundits were immediately skeptical of how well Tebow would succeed at the next level (which turned out to be accurate), but this documentary does an amazing job at giving you an inside look at how a college football star prepares for the NFL Draft both physically and emotionally. The inside look at Tebow and his family is also excellent.

Amazingly, Tebow had a documentary done about his football career before he even stepped on the field at the University of Florida. ESPN’s series Faces of Sports did a special on Tebow the high school player. Think Tebow became an ultra-competitive, psychopath on the field while at Florida? Think again:

Are there any SEC documentaries you would add to the list?