This past weekend we saw a bunch of Top 10 teams go down and their playoff dreams get dumped on.

One team that lost, however, still is in the top four of the College Football Playoff poll. And boy does it have some people royally pissed.

Mississippi State lost a relatively close game against Alabama on Saturday remains fourth ahead of TCU, Ohio State and Baylor. The reason I love this so much is because people like Danny Kennel and these other SEC haters get a chance to whine and complain about SEC bias.

OF COURSE there is SEC bias. Why the hell shouldn’t there be?! The SEC won seven straight national championships. Not only that, but we have the best record against the other power five conferences in that time span as well. I’m just tired of hearing all these other non-SEC people talking about we only have Alabama and that everyone in the SEC is riding the Tide’s coattails.

People fail to understand, football is a way of life in the South. We cheer for another SEC team as long as they aren’t playing our team. That’s just the way it is down here. It may sound foreign to all the other conferences, but that’s why we’re the best. The SEC not only has the best talent, we have the best fans, the best coaches, the best venues, the best girls and the best food.

I guess I can understand all the haters now. They are pissed that the SEC is head and shoulders better in just about everything, and they just can’t stand it.

I’m just sick and tired of seeing these people on TV and seeing their tweets retweeted by people that I follow. I can’t stand how these guys think that ESPN has money in the SEC.

OF COURSE they do! They have money in every single damn conference. Get over it ACC, Big 12, Big whatever, Pac-24. The reason they have two SEC teams in the top four right now is because they deserve it. They are by far the two best one-loss teams in the country. They have played against the better competition.

Now I know that LSU and Texas A&M have both fallen through the end of this season, but that’s what happens in the SEC. We beat the hell out of each other. It’s amazing that some of these teams can ever go through an entire season without a loss. Meanwhile, you have Ohio State, TCU — hell, even Baylor is talking about how they should be in.

Florida State has won 26 consecutive games. As much as I dislike them, I have to give credit to where credit it due. That said, they wouldn’t last an entire season in the SEC. Don’t even get my started with Ohio State and TCU.

Oregon is good. I will say that and leave it there. They are legit. But these other teams that are in consideration need to take a step back and maybe over the next few years they won’t be scheduling a bunch of cupcake games. We all see how much strength of schedule means in the eyes of this playoff committee.

I hate to take shots at other programs and schools, because I know what these guys go through during a season and what it takes to be successful at the college level. The thing that irritates me are the people that are complaining about SEC bias. There is a reason that the SEC bias exist. Just look at the record against the other conferences.

Come on folks. There is a SEC bias going on and it is well deserved. Stop complaining about it and just enjoy the best game in the USA that is college football.