Coaching is a cutthroat business, even more so when your own assistants are trying to sabotage you.

In a crazy story out of Arizona, a high school assistant football coach and girls’ basketball varsity coach resigned after being caught sharing game plans for the football team and the boys’ basketball team.

Per, the coach resigned instead of getting fired:

Justin Hager, who resigned Friday in lieu of termination, was hired in 2016 as head coach of the Mountain Pointe girls varsity basketball team and also was an assistant coach for the Pride varsity football team.

“Our entire campus is shocked at these findings. It is the responsibility of all adults on a high school campus to act with integrity and to put students first in all we do,” Mountain Pointe Principal Tomika Banks said in a press release. “Mountain Pointe students, families and staff are heartbroken to learn our trust was violated by someone we cared for and considered a member of our family.”

The article continues by saying the emails Hager sent gave opponents a competitive edge:

Hager shared play calls, formations and at one point a list of players deemed ineligible, giving opposing coaches a “competitive edge,” according to a letter that Tempe Union Athletic Director Bruce Kipper sent to David Hines, the executive director of the Arizona Interscholastic Association last Friday.

District officials said they’re stumped as to why Hager would do this, but it’s possible he wanted the boys’ varsity and head football coach positions.