Lee Corso has a slightly different College Football Playoff top 4 than the selection committee came up with Tuesday.

The Playoff committee had the top 4 — 1. Georgia, 2. Alabama, 3. Michigan State and 4. Oregon. Surprise, Corso’s opinion is much different.

In a video posted by Kirk Herbstreit Saturday morning, Corso revealed his top 4 — 1. Georgia, 2. Alabama, 3. Ohio State and 4. Cincinnati.

“I have Cincinnati 4th,” Corso said. “And they beat Notre Dame at Notre Dame. Tell me who else did that? Nobody. … I would have Michigan State out. Michigan State is going to get beat this week. … My biggest surprise is that Ohio State should have been No. 3. Oregon is also out.”

The Spartans play at Purdue this week, and the Boilermakers have proven they are giant killers in the past. If Purdue takes down Michigan State, it opens the door wide open for Cincinnati and Ohio State.

You can check out the interview of Corso below.