According to TMZ, former NFL star Richie Incognito was arrested in Arizona on Monday after an episode in a funeral home following the death of his father.

According to the report, Incognito was talking with staff members of the funeral home when he suddenly exploded and began yelling at several people. The cops were called to the scene and Incognito was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Incognito allegedly made a gun gesture toward one of the employees and said that he had guns in his truck. According to NBC Sports, weapons were indeed in his truck and were impounded.

This is not the first time Incognito has made a scene in a public place. In May, he was placed in a psychiatric evaluation after throwing a dumbbell at a man in a Florida fitness center.

Incognito is probably best known for his role in the Dolphins bullying scandal of 2013, where he and several teammates allegedly made racist remarks and harassed fellow lineman Jonathan Martin.