Who’s the most miserable fan base in college football? Which school is mentioned in the same breath as the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles and the NBA’s New York Knicks?

Chris Chase of FOX Sports’ AtThe Buzzer gave his take on the top three in several pro and college sports, and Georgia was rated No. 1 in college football.

Here’s his case for the Bulldogs:

“Why Georgia? Plenty of college teams are way worse — take two schools mentioned above, Kansas and Wake Forest — but no one really cares about football at those schools, except in the odd year where they’re good or when Charlie Weis is getting run out of town. So, our list has to be hardcore football schools that haven’t been playing very good football or, in the case of our No. 1 team, have been playing fine football but just can’t put it together for one season to win the dominant SEC. Mark Richt had 10-plus wins in nine of 15 seasons in Athens and got canned, which should tell you something about expectations at Georgia.”

The Richt era certainly left the fans in Athens wanting more as there was always a sense that he did the least while having the most at his disposal.

According to sports-reference.com, Georgia posted 145 wins during Richt’s 15-year tenure. That total stands as 7th-most in the FBS and 2nd only to Alabama in the SEC. Six of those seven schools were from Power 5 conferences and Alabama, LSU, Ohio State and USC all won national championships over that span.

The other Power 5 school, Oklahoma, won its title in 2000, the year immediately before Richt’s debut at Georgia.

Meanwhile, Missouri was rated No. 1 for most miserable college basketball fan base.