Georgia narrowly edged out Texas A&M in a sports betting site’s ranking of pregame experiences across the SEC. ranked all of the SEC towns and campuses based on an algorithm that reflected multiple factors.

  • Location: Close to the action, accessible to fans
  • Tailgating: The ability to park and enjoy a crisp fall day with a beverage and grill
  • Entertainment Around Stadium: A vibrant bar and restaurant scene within walking distance to your seat
  • Family Sentiment: Is the area safe and entertaining for kids and those with kids?

Georgia topped the list because of its ranking across-the-board and not necessarily because of a single area:

The stadium sits right in the center of the campus and Athens itself displays a level of old school southern charm, even with a team that crushes opponents more often than not. It’s part of why Georgia ranked No. 1 among all SEC pregame locations. Sanford Stadium is a 15-minute walk from the area’s big bar and restaurant scene. Still, the area holds the ultra-rare trait of being not just top five in the tailgating scene and in overall entertainment, but No. 2 in best experiences for those with kids.