Steve Spurrier brought his usual, must-watch personality to SEC Media Days on Tuesday in Hoover. Here’s a few of his best lines:

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On why HBC’s continuing to coach:

“Somebody said, ‘Why are you still coaching?’ Well, I forgot to get fired, and I’m not gonna cheat.”

On last season’s disappointing finish:

“We were 7-6, the same as Tennessee and the same as Arkansas. I think they’re sort of celebrating big seasons last year, so we were celebrating also. We were doing some high fives and hugging after that Independence Bowl game.”

On his evolving offensive philosophy:

“I think we run the ball a lot more than we used to, a little bit more conservative for whatever reason. Very seldom do we throw it 45, 55 times a game, unless we get behind early.

On this year’s Eastern Division:

“Let me brag on the Eastern Division a little bit now. We’re 5-0 in bowl games. That Western side, they got one with Arkansas and Texas A&M one, but other than that, we upheld the SEC a little bit in bowl games. Where do we sit? I don’t know where we sit. The media experts have Georgia, always up there. Georgia will be picked (to win) and probably rightfully so. I’ll let you guys do the picking.”

On lack of preseason hype:

“Time will tell. We’re not picked to do too much and that’s probably about what we deserve to be. We weren’t all that strong last year, but somehow another we managed a winning season out of it.”

On the recent passing of Kenny Stabler:

“He was one of the all-time best and probably made his mark more as a pro, a little bit like Joe Namath. Namath was an excellent quarterback at Alabama, but his big years, Super Bowl years, were in the NFL. Kenny’s probably one of the best to ever play at NFL quarterback, no question about it. I was sad to read about that.”

On tough 2015 schedule:

“Some magazines voted us the toughest schedule in the SEC, but that’s just the way it is. You try to play them one at a time. We play eight conference games plus two ACC teams. Clemson and North Carolina. Central Florida is a very good team over the years. And Citadel. Citadel gives us fits. Citadel and Wofford, both those teams always give us close games.

On QB Lorenzo Nunez’s expectations:

“Well, I haven’t seen him much yet. He’s just got here in the summer. I’ve seen him run around a little bit, but we’re not out there when they’re throwing the ball around. He threw for a lot of yards, but he’ll work on it as we go on. He gives you that dual threat that defensive coaches don’t like to see.”

On Mizzou:

“They’ve been very good. I really like coach (Gary) Pinkel and think he does an outstanding job. They’re defense plays tough, smart. Their offense does enough to win just about every game. For them to go 7-1 in the conference two years in a row, that’s very good.”

On closing out games this season:

“We actually did some situational work. It was a combination. Offensively, we didn’t make some first downs and defensively we didn’t tackle very well. We let the guys get out of bounds and then let them go down and score again. We just gotta play better and coach better.”

On if the Georgia game is more important than others:

“I don’t think … you didn’t see me after the Miami game, Independence Bowl? I think that was the most fired up all of us were because we went from losers to winners. When you you go into a game 6-6, there’s a lot on it.

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