Saturday pits two powerhouse SEC West teams against each other: Auburn vs. LSU.

We’ll start to see some separation in college football’s toughest division.

This week, LSU and Auburn have been trading jabs leading up to the game. Auburn DB Rudy Ford said slowing down Leonard Fournette “shouldn’t be that difficult.” SEC Network analyst (and former LSU star) Marcus Spears says Auburn doesn’t have a chance to win in Death Valley.

Now, it’s LSU defensive back Dwayne Thomas’ turn, and he and his fellow defensive backs are licking their chops ahead of facing Auburn quarterback Jeremy Johnson, who’s thrown five interceptions in two games.

“We know that this guy, if we play our technique right, if we do the fundamentals and have our eyes in the right place, he should be able to throw us one — if not, hand it to us,” LSU cornerback Dwayne Thomas said, according to “We’ve just got to play our technique. That’s what [defensive backs coach Corey] Raymond is stressing a lot this week because he knows this game is going to come down to who is playing the right technique and who has their eyes in the right place.

“This quarterback has a great arm, but we don’t know how accurate he is because we haven’t seen him in person. With the tight coverage that we play, we’re looking forward to him giving us a few.”

LSU quarterback Brandon Harris impressed during his first start, while most would consider Johnson one of the SEC’s biggest disappointments through two games.

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