’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the SEC
Not a team was stirring, not even the fans of Tennessee
Lights were off and they were without buzz
For now was the time to remember the year that was

After kicking the 2019 season off with a bang
Dan Mullen dreamed of the points he watched his team hang
But when thoughts drifted to mid-October at LSU
Mullen tossed and turned until he was awoken out of the blue

On The Plains, a nightmare haunted New Gus
Awake he was after dreaming he’d been hit by a bus
What was that, Malzahn started to wonder
Off to the West, he heard a rolling thunder

Neither rain nor lightning were present
Just a coach and his tiger in a mood so effervescent
Across the Southeast the duo flew together
Taking what’s theirs, no matter the weather

They went to Nashville, Starkville, Alabama and Texas
Chomping like tigers awaiting their breakfast
Dominant they were, no two Saturdays the same
As the Playoff neared, the coach called them by name

To the top of the league! To the top of the hut!
Now, roll! Roll, I say! Roll Tide, what!”

Damage done, perfect regular season in the books
They even helped Hogs and Rebels ADs bust out their hooks
The Bayou Bengals celebrated a year for the ages
For it was a team that shined on the biggest of stages

Not Moorhead, nor Kirby, nor Jimbo could keep pace
Even the defense of Saban had no answer for Chase
So off to the Playoff the feasting Tigers went
Eager to play with a legacy to cement

Their season was far from over unlike SC and Vandy
Both spent their Christmas Eve on a beach so sandy
Kentucky and Mizzou, LSU never got to play
But off in the distance, they watched a tiger leading a sleigh

The coach and the tiger landed on the stadium roof
It was Ed Orgeron, unneeded was more proof
As they entered through an opening that grew wider
He cackled and cried out “HOLD THAT TIGER!”

Feasting time was near and LSU was hungry
Two more wins would be worth all the money
Fans didn’t care about presents or what’s in the stocking
They wished for points and for a stadium to be rocking

Orgeron counted down to Christmas, gazing at the stars
He eliminated the Alabama streak, as well as the Ole Miss scars
Dunking on his critics, one game at a time
They stared in disbelief at a season so sublime

At the 50-yard line Orgeron and the tiger had crashed
They dreamed of the Oklahoma defense who many had trashed
No tree nor gifts with bows were near
For LSU’s Christmas had come early this year

A blessed Orgeron then awoke, springing to his feet
The look in his eye was that of a man who could not be beat
But the SEC heard him exclaim, like heavy footsteps a-runnin’
“Just like I told you, you best believe we comin’!”