’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the SEC
Not a team was stirring, not even the coach of Tennessee
The teams were tucked in bed at ease without wonder
That a COVID season occurred somehow void of blunder

Crowds were distanced while games were played
The SEC charged on while the Big Ten delayed
Sankey urged fans to be smart and wear a mask
Or else they’d miss out on all the scores from Trask

COVID shifted the schedules from normal to conference-only
Fingers were crossed in hopes that Notre Dame would wind up lonely
Arkansas and Mizzou stared at a mountain so steep
Though it proved to be Vandy that deserved to weep

Mason and Muschamp were fired without fuss
Paid they were, but not as much as Gus
Tigers and Dawgs fell short against rivals
Proving again it’s not so easy defending titles

Out of the West roared a force in the night
It was the Alabama offense once again taking flight
More prolific than ever, Saban’s weapons they came
And with the revenge tour surging, he called them by name

To the top of the SEC! To the top of the joint!
Now, score! Score, I say! Score those points!

It took until November to hear wise words from a wise man
He said “those weapons are great, but DeVonta for Heisman”
It was he who proved to be the second coming of Amari
Lighting up defenses like Christmas trees, each one more sorry

Smith wasn’t the only one who shined this year
Lord knows Spiller, Harris, Rodriguez and Bigsby all struck fear
Between Pitts, Toney, Burks and Moore, the studs were aplenty
It’s hard to remember if there was any defense played in the year 2020

Suddenly awoke the Aggies from College Station
Giddy they were to be in the top 5 after an 8-year vacation
They had defended, but missed the Playoff because of Notre Dame
If we learned anything in 2020, it’s that not all are treated the same

New Mississippi State coach Mike Leach learned that all too well
Running the Air Raid against 8 in coverage proved to be hell
Across the state, Lane Kiffin was robbed and proceeded to whine
Little did he know how many pennies were needed to cover a fine

Lessons were learned and thankfully a 2020 season was had
It happened in spite of commissioners who proved to be bad
Neither Warren nor Scott could force college football to punt
Conferences found a way and didn’t fall for their stunt

A season in the books, the SEC could sleep on Christmas Eve
Perhaps all but Florida, which kept replaying the heave
Awake the Gators became as they let out a yawn
What’s that? Is that men in crimson practicing out on the lawn?

Jones dropped back and threw to receivers who could barely be seen
In the background one could hear yells of “We’re not repeating 2018!”
There was work to be done to reach ring number seven
The next game up was all that mattered, not the previous eleven

That was in the past, along with nearly all of this pandemic season
A year of unprecedented regulations was tolerated for this very reason
Saban turned to his team as he finally called it a night
“Happy Christmas to all, now let’s go win it all, a’ight?”