For those counting at home, Shane Beamer picked up 2 huge wins Thursday.

First, it was the Duke’s Mayo Bowl. Beamer’s Gamecocks beat North Carolina 38-21, and Beamer kept his word and took a mayonnaise bath afterwords, too. It made for great TV.

Later, the South Carolina coach took exception to CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd’s tweet, and he fired off a rebuttal that has everyone talking.

Dodd took a shot at the Duke’s Mayo Bowl for making such a big deal about the mayonnaise being dumped on the winning coach while discussing “bowl relevance,” and Beamer wasn’t having any of it.

He fired off a response for the ages. (Dodd deleted the tweet after Beamer called him out, and the screenshot is below.)

I mean, that’s off the top rope. Well done, Coach.