Shane Beamer said someone sent him the viral meme of his dad Frank Beamer cheering after the 0-0 VT-Wake Forest game. On Saturday, a picture from the ESPN broadcast on Saturday captured a picture of Shane cheering while the score was 35-7. Similar pictures from father and son.

“I’m going to be me, when I talk about positive energy and gratitude and all these things that we talk about, it’s not just when things are going well, that’s got to be at all times also,” Beamer said. “It’s not easy to do, but we always talk about don’t worry about the scoreboard, just play, just compete.”

Beamer said he’s not going to only be excited when South Carolina is winning. But he admitted that he “created a new one” in reference to the double arms-up excitement by Frank at a 0-0 score in a Virginia Tech-Wake Forest game.

Shane said he understands what the players do on the practice field and in the weight room to sacrifice in order to prepare for Saturdays.

“You know what, I really don’t care, that’s me, and it’ll always be me,” Beamer said. “Hopefully there’s not too many instances where it’s 35-7 and I’m like that, but I’m always going to celebrate with our guys and be happy for them when they make plays. I love this kids, love these young men in this program and love seeing them have success.”

Beamer said he felt confident at halftime about South Carolina’s ability to play in the second half. That’s about when the picture was captured, early in the third quarter.

“We don’t want to be driven by what the scoreboard says and be results-oriented,” he said. “We want to go out there and compete each and every play and the scoreboard will take care of itself.”