Shane Beamer and South Carolina are making the most of this offseason. The team’s Twitter account posted a video that is sure to give you a laugh.

Many fans of the hit tv series ‘The Office’ may remember the scene where Michael Scott runs past a speed limit sign that has a radar gun to see how fast he is. Beamer and a few members of the football team recreated the iconic scene with a twist of their own.

Naturally, Beamer played Michael Scott and went first, running past the sign at 13 miles per hour. One of the players ran shortly after Beamer and managed to go 14 miles an hour. This prompted Beamer to ask for a redo citing wind as the reason the player beat the Gamecock HC’s time.

One player was about to run past the sign, but much like Michael Scott, Beamer jumped in front and ran past at the same time as a car did. With the help from the car, Beamer’s speed was registered at 31 miles per hour.

Beamer and his players are all fired up after some marquee wins last season. The Gamecocks upset No. 5 Tennessee and No. 8 Clemson in the final two weeks of the regular season.

How well did South Carolina mimic the clip from ‘The Office’? We’ll let you be the judge.