Tennessee senior basketball player Admiral Schofield is going to be one of the essential pieces of a team that returns every starter from a regular season SEC championship a year ago. With all the hype surrounding the Vols’ basketball team, Schofield was called upon by VFL Films to star in a hype video leading up to the game against Florida in week 4.

Although the Vols looked awful in a 47-21 loss where they turned the ball over six times, the video went viral, and Schofield was praised for his role.

Tennessee basketball held its media day on Thursday, and Schofield was asked about the praise he received for the video, and had an incredible response, via Wes Rucker of 247 Sports. In his response, Schofield made it clear who inspires him to be greater than “just an athlete”.

“Lebron James is the standard, the new template for what an athlete must be” said Schofield, “I think that Lebron James has made it very hard for you to be a quote-unquote ‘dumb athlete’.

“It’s about having a platform and what type of change you can make with your platform.”

Schofield tested the NBA Draft waters in the offseason before electing to return to Knoxville to play out his senior season. The forward is expected to be a leader on a highly ranked Tennessee team, but has shown signs that he has a very bright future in ventures outside of basketball.

“I’m Admiral the student. I’m Admiral the athlete. I’m Admiral the person. It just really speaks to the different aspects of an athlete’s life. That’s what I think.”