One person that clearly does not agree with Jalen Hurd’s decision to leave the Tennessee football program is former Alabama quarterback and current ESPN college analyst Greg McElroy.

During a recent interview on SXM College Sports radio, McElroy didn’t hold back any punches when discussing Hurd’s abrupt decision to leave the team with a month left in the season.

“It’s ridiculous to leave your team at this point,” McElroy said on the show. “If Tennessee’s 7-1 or 8-0, would he still be a member? Absolutely.”

McElroy called it a ‘selfish’ move and shot down the theory that Hurd could improve his NFL draft stock by going to another school or for leaving the season early to prep for the upcoming draft.

“By all accounts his kid is all about the NFL, that’s all he cares about, I can tell you one thing,” McElroy continued, “when he’s getting evaluated draft evaluators and front office personnel, there will be a massive red flag next to his name, knowing that when things got a little tough and they lost three in a row, he decided to walk out on his team. What does that tell you about his character and his competitive spirit?

“He’s forever going be remembered as a quitter.”

You can listen to the full interview here: