Joe Haeg will never live this one down.

As beautifully described by Peyton Manning in the ESPN+ show Detail, the offensive lineman from Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl-winning team will always have a championship ring to show off but his story about earning that ring could have been so much sweeter had he just held on to the pass thrown to him by the game’s MVP, Tom Brady.

If you missed the game, Tampa Bay had a nice designed play on the goal line featuring an eligible receiver in Haeg.

Kansas City’s defense left the offensive lineman unguarded for a moment, giving Brady just the window he needed to hit the lineman in the hands but a Chief defender managed to recover in just enough time to knock the ball away from Haeg.

The Tampa Bay lineman had the opportunity to live every young football player’s dream, scoring a touchdown in the Super Bowl, but he failed to convert during his only moment in the spotlight.

Manning not only broke down the play on his show, he ruthlessly mocked Haeg for missing his one chance at true glory as only the former Volunteer quarterback could.

Check it out below courtesy of Warren Sharp.