Tennessee has self-reported a minor violation involving one of its football players to the NCAA, according to a report from the Associated Press on Monday.

The player, who was not named, reportedly promoted the sale of multiple replica football jerseys on his Facebook account. The player ended up accepting $300 for the sale of 4 jerseys, with the intent to give the cash to the creator of the jerseys, an acquaintance from his hometown.

However, after the player could not reach the seller to ensure the jerseys had been shipped, the buyer of the jerseys contacted the Tennessee compliance office, after which the violation was confirmed. The player was then held out of football activities until he was reinstated by the NCAA a few weeks later.

Per NCAA regulations, student-athletes cannot profit off of their name, image and likeness, but an October 2019 decision has paved the way for new regulations to be put in place to allow them to do so as early as 2021.


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The AP reports that this is one of 7 minor violations reported by Tennessee in the past 6 months.