The Tennessee Volunteers advanced to the Sweet 16 this season, but they’re losing star G Admiral Schofield and potentially SEC Player of the Year Grant Williams and talented PG Jordan Bone as well.

Williams and Bone could still return, but Schofield and F Kyle Alexander are out of eligibility, freeing up a couple of roster spots.

What does coach Rick Barnes plan to do with those spots? If you’re expecting a couple of graduate transfers, don’t hold your breath, he said (via

“You’re always looking around for players, but right now I don’t see anything happening with our roster,” Barnes said during his press conference on Tuesday. “I don’t, but I’ve been caught off guard before and surprised before with it. We’ve talked to our players, and we’ve had great meetings with them, got their take on everything. We were out recruiting the other day, and Kim (English) made a great point to one of the recruits about the first day he walked into practice when the guys were working out. These guys are jumping right back into it, and the guys that didn’t get a chance to play last year feel like they have a chance. Their focus has been terrific.

“We know we have to be ready for the guys that are looking at the NBA to stay here, and if they do, we have to be ready.”

Williams will likely remain in the draft, as he’s being projected by most analysts as a first-round pick. However, Bone could certainly be back, and that would be a big boost for the Vols.

We’ll find out in a couple of months who stays in the draft and who leaves, so we’ll probably know more about the Vols’ 2019-20 roster then.