Tennessee’s successful Hail Mary pass won the Georgia game, but that’s not all it accomplished for the university. The once in a generation play could change the face of the University of Tennessee for years to come.

According to Capture, a website utilized by schools across the nation to analyze projective student behaviors and interest, page views for Tennessee’s admission website went up 70 percent immediately following the Vols’ Hail Mary pass in Athens. In case you were wondering, Capture only measures statistics on the academic, not the athletic sites of schools.

The site also notes the heavily increased traffic on Tennessee’s academic site far outweighs the traffic during weekends when the football team is not playing. In total, 18,536 unique visitors visited Tennessee’s admissions page on October 1.

Capture also notes a study that indicated a successful Hail Mary pass has been known to drive up attendance at least once before, as Boston College’s admissions rose 30 percent the two years after Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary against Miami in 1984.

Tennessee’s 2016 team may have taken a major step toward capturing the East division with the win in Athens but don’t be surprised if the real reward comes in years to come if the school continues to see the number of admissions rise with the football program.