For many football players, winning a Super Bowl is the ultimate goal. That doesn’t sound like the case for Cordarrelle Patterson.

Patterson won a ring last season as a member of the New England Patriots. But he tends to bounce around the league and has moved on to a new team, the Chicago Bears, this offseason. Patterson seems committed to leaving his time with the Patriots in the past.

At a recent Massachusetts Pirates (Arena League) game, Patterson was asked how it felt to be a Super Bowl champion. He gave an answer that has surprised many NFL fans.

“Honestly, that Super Bowl don’t mean s— to me, because I’m in a new role right now,” Patterson told Justin Turpin of Redline Media.

“I’m on a new team, so it’s a new opportunity for me to bring my legacy and live on to another team,” Patterson added. “So, whatever happened last year in the past, that’s in the past. I’m trying to just move forward.”

Hey, you can’t fault the guy for being open and honest.