Georgia fans that still think the wrong decision was made with Fromm and Fields now find themselves in an eerily similar situation. The question often was, "How do you sit Fromm when he just keeps winning? But if we don't, then how do we know what we might have with Fields" and now you can just put SBIV and JT Daniels names in their places. Do you sit the hot hand to see what you have? Do you lose a second "quarterback of the future" to the portal? This all seemed so easy when it Jamie Newman 4 Heisman. How did it all get to this?

Kentucky fans, I assume you guys can't wait to see Gatewood ASAP. Do you just move Terry Wilson to a running back, since he's clearly more comfortable running than passing? Is that the last piece on the offensive side where Kentucky can finally be what everyone thought they would be preseason?

Tennessee fans, well you kept Guarantano's jersey clean and he produced a win. Against Kentucky. Do you guys really not have anyone else on the entire roster that can play this position? You can't get anyone from the transfer portal? How is this man still QB1?