growin up we was such pofoke, I had ta fart in my pocket to have a cent... I remember mama used ta cut holes in us boys pockets sos we'd have something to play with on Christmas mornin's

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saban is a damn good college coach and he knows it.. he sucked as an NFL coach and he knows it.. simple as that.
in the words of slimeball Bill Mahr.... NEW RULE.. NEVER give large sums of money to a recruit until AFTER he signs the NLI.
yup, that's what I'm understanding. Cushenberry is the only other Center on roster I think.
He's talking about Key and his reported temporary time off, Harris and now Dodd who were supposed to compete for starting spots.
it doesn't matter if he's a hater if what he's saying is based in fact or at least high possibilities. I think it just might.
I don't think Les wants to play against LSU any more than he's ever wanted to play against Michigan.
he's a pretty good sized boy
of all the tracking models, 1 model that had it possibly turning back, the 2 days would have been when it 'might' make it's turn back after it made it's run through the carolinas. A second Fl Landfall if at all would have taken another 2-3 days, and the tracking also showed it would only be at light tropical depression strength if that model materialized. But a second hit was never included in the excuse to cancel the game.
i agree BT... I know a bunch od fans would love to thik their school or the other is behind it, but Feaster is a loose cannon. Not his first rodeo at mouthing off on the radio.. He's a damn good coach, that's the sad part in this.
an NFL coach is usually seen as a good opposed to a college coach, according to who? stop it, the more you type the more your homerism shows
you state the facts, this guy is a 3 time loser as OC, but you know you're wasting your breath, er fingertips. just say Saban has once again proven his geniusness and let it go.
more halftime commercials would be fine, even at the expense of their college football scoreboard shows. Most of those are boring anyway.. Run through the game updates/highlights real quick for anybody interested and let the commercials run. These commercial breaks after almost every score then again after kickoff are ridiculous.
I'm telling ya, that mess was all a ploy, they used them kids trying to push O into hiring Tony Hull. KU ain't gonna take the coming embarrassment lightly, Tony Hull fiddin' to be put on the spot.
I can't help but think the plan all along was to pull him early for Hurts. Made no sense to pull a top rated QB a few plays into the/his first game. Otherwise he would have been given the quarter at least to settle in. Hurts fumbled his first snap, guess he was nervous too. I think he will do well at AZ State, just too bad he's at AZ state where his play will be judged as insignificant because of his competition unless he wins the Pac12, maybe even then..
daddy says he's fine health wise, just got some personal issues to deal with. Nothing a short vacation can't fix...
I've had my issues with Feaster, but say what you will, his QB's get heavily recruited so he's pretty popular among the local 'dads'.