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SEC Sports Betting in 2023

SEC Sports Betting States and Sportsbook Apps are not only expanding rapidly but also helping college football sports betting reach a new and exciting level across the nation.

The only football entity that could possibly dream of the NFL’s level of power is the SEC, as the conference’s dominance is unmatched across NCAA football.

The SEC Sports Betting States and the sportsbook apps that help Southeastern Conference college football fans reach a new level of fandom are more than simply noteworthy.

As it currently stands, three of the SEC college football states are currently live via legal online sports betting (Louisiana, Tennessee, and Arkansas). But that doesn’t mean we should all pack it up and head home—or worse yet, start watching the ACC. *To note, Mississippi does offer sports betting but is heavily restricted so bettors have to be physically located within the grounds of a casino to place any wagers.

Several SEC college football states could be coming soon, including both Florida and Georgia which are hoping to make progress towards legalizing sports betting this year. This equates to an incoming tidal wave ready to allow all willing participants to double their Saturday Down South fun.

Those who currently reside in or are within state limits of an already-legal online sports betting state can get started with Caesars Sportsbook’s excellent new-user bonus of up to $1,250 on Caesars today:

SEC Sports Betting States Snapshot

Below you can find a snapshot of the current legalization status for every state that plays home to an SEC team:

State Legal Online Sports Betting Status Legalization ETA
Alabama ⛔️ No Potentially 2024
Arkansas ✅ Yes Legal & Live
Florida ⛔️ No Potentially 2024
Georgia ⛔️ No Bill failed in 2023, legalization potentially in 2024.
Kentucky ⛔️ No Sports betting is legal but has not launched yet. Expected by end of 2023.
Louisiana ✅ Yes Legal & Live
Mississippi ✅ Yes* Legal but bettors must be physically located in a casino in the state to place an online sports betting wager.
Missouri ⛔️ No Potentially 2024
South Carolina ⛔️ No No estimated date
Tennessee ✅ Yes Legal & Live
Texas ⛔️ No No estimated date

SEC Sports Betting States with Legal Online Sports Betting

Just three* of the SEC’s 11 states are currently live and legal via online sports betting. Louisiana, Tennessee, and Arkansas represent the only three states currently leading the charge for the SEC as of right now (Mississippi is additionally live but with heavy betting restrictions). But, as previously mentioned, that’s bound to change as time marches forward.

Each state faces its own unique motivations and challenges. In the online sports gambling world, there’s never a one-size-fits-all solution.


It was a Tennessee world when it comes to SEC online sports betting. That was until Louisiana came calling, with the Volunteer State currently living up to its name: Volunteering as the first SEC college football state to get into the legalized online sports betting world.

While Mississippi legalized sports gambling in 2018, it has yet to go live with online sports betting action. This means the Tennessee Volunteers and their fans were the first SEC team to enjoy the fruits of online sports wagering at the current moment. (Let’s not forget about the Vanderbilt Commodores, either.)

Top Tennessee sportsbooks and mobile sports betting apps:

Current Tennessee online sports betting promos:

Saturday Down South’s Tennessee online sports betting page has everything covered.


Here comes Louisiana, folks. The state became the second live SEC state to legalize online sports endeavors, as it officially went live in early 2022 after legal sports betting passed in State Congress in early June 2021.

Now, LSU Tigers fans are doubling their Saturday football fun.

Louisiana sportsbooks and mobile sports betting apps:


Launching at the start of 2022, Arkansas became the third state to fully legalize online sports betting state-wide. Razorbacks fans can now bet on every game throughout the season and enjoy plenty of great sports betting promos to get started!

Arkansas sportsbooks and mobile sports betting apps:

Future Potential SEC Sports Betting States


Floridians are so close they can see the dollar bills dancing in their heads as they sleep. Florida is officially on deck after the news that broke earlier this year.

Three separate bills have entered the State legislature from the House. Even more encouraging is the idea that the Senate looks primed to also be ready to make a push. It becomes tricky when thinking about the Seminole Gaming Tribe—which is nearly all of the state’s gambling.

Soon—most likely in 2024— Florida Gators football will become a big-time online sports betting play within the Sunshine State.

Become acquainted with the road to Florida online sports betting, courtesy of Saturday Down South.


If only Alabama lawmakers were as dominant and forward-thinking as Nick Saban’s team. Perhaps online sports betting would already be a reality in the state.

Unfortunately, Alabama isn’t close to legal online sports betting. At least not yet. So, Alabama Crimson Tide and Auburn Tigers fans who reside in-state will have to wait it out like the other tough nuts to crack.

Could you imagine the Iron Bowl’s overall hype with legalized Alabama online sports betting in the mix?


It looked good for most of 2021, but then … a setback for Georgia. After passing in the Senate, the state’s sports betting legislation failed.

An agreement could not be reached, which means 2022 (at the earliest) is the safest bet for when the state will turn live with online sports wagering. Hey, at least the Georgia Bulldogs are still a Saturday event.

Make sure to consume Saturday Down South’s Georgia online sports betting page for every update.


Over a year ago, Kentucky took one of the first steps in legalizing online sports betting. Unfortunately, the state is not any closer to passing a law.

Rep. Adam Koenig (R) championed a betting bill and cleared a House committee without opposition in January 2020. But it’s been since delayed, partly due to the pandemic and partly due to other leadership that hasn’t allowed it to see the floor.

Sorry, Kentucky Wildcats fans, but your day will ultimately arrive at some point.


Mississippi isn’t just a word used in flag football or seven on sevens; it’s an actual state, of course. This football-crazed territory loves its college brand and has two teams that belong to the all-powerful SEC.

Both Ole Miss and Mississippi State have longstanding traditions within college football’s mightiest conference. Unfortunately, although Mississippi legalized sports gambling quickly back in 2018—after the overturn of PASPA—in-state residents continue to wait for legal online sports betting action.

Residents, including Ole Miss Rebels and Mississippi State Bulldogs fans, can be on sports at certain brick-and-mortar locations, but no sportsbooks are currently involved at the moment.


Not only is there no online sports betting in Missouri, but the state hasn’t even yet legalized sports gambling on a retail basis. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, as lawmakers made a strong effort in late 2020 to push things to the table.

The logistics surrounding how it should all play out is what’s currently holding everything up. This means in-state Missouri Tigers fans will have to settle for in-game results for now.

South Carolina

South Carolina represents one of the long-shot states at the moment. Longstanding traditions that are very much anti-gambling have remained strong to this day. When the tide finally turns is anybody’s best guess.

It doesn’t look like in-state South Carolina Gamecocks fans will have the ability to double their fun anytime soon.


Much like South Carolina, the great state of Texas also belongs to the “longshot” category. Sports betting remains illegal in the state, and despite some bills floating around, nothing of substance has materialized.

For the SEC, Texas remains a big one moving forward, courtesy of the Texas A&M Aggies SEC representation.

SEC College Football Betting Odds 2023

Win Total Over-Unders 2023

*Updated May 10th 2023

SEC Win Total Over-Unders are always a popular play, and the 2023 NCAA regular season shouldn’t change that sentiment. DraftKings recently released their Over/Under for the 2023 SEC season. The usual suspects lead the group, starting with the Bulldogs at 10.5 wins.

SEC Team Over/Under Odds
Georgia Bulldogs 11.5
Alabama Crimson Tide 10.5
Tennessee Volunteers 9.5
LSU Tigers 9.5
Arkansas Razorbacks 7.5
Ole Miss 7.5
Texas A&M Aggies 7.5
Auburn Tigers 6.5
Kentucky Wildcats 6.5
Mississippi State 6.5
Missouri 6.5
South Carolina Gamecocks 6.5
Florida Gators 5.5
Vanderbilt Commodores 3.5

SEC Football Betting Championship Odds 2023

The winner of the SEC championship is usually considered the best college football team in the nation, regardless of the College Football Playoff result. An SEC team has won four of the last six and 12 of the last 16 College Football National Championships.

Going into the 2023 season, you’ll find the usual teams heading the top of the odds, but there may be some surprises in there as well:

SEC Team Odds
Georgia Bulldogs +105
Alabama Crimson Tide +220
LSU Tigers +600
Texas A&M Aggies +1200
Tennessee Volunteers +1700
Ole Miss +4500
Auburn Tigers +7500
Mississippi State +7500
Florida Gators +8500
Arkansas Razorbacks +9500
South Carolina Gamecocks +9500
Kentucky Wildcats +10000
Missouri +10000
Vanderbilt Commodores +10000

SEC Championship History:

Year Matchup Line Score
2022 Georgia-LSU Georgia -17 (51) Georgia 50-30
2021 Alabama-Georgia Alabama -6 (49) Alabama 41-24
2020 Alabama-Florida Alabama -16.5 (73.5) Alabama 52-46
2019 LSU-Georgia LSU -7 (57.5) LSU 37-10
2018 Alabama-Georgia Alabama -11.5 (62) Alabama 35-28
2017 Georgia-Auburn Georgia -1.5 (48) Georgia 28-7
2016 Alabama-Florida Alabama -23.5 (40.5) Alabama 54-16
2015 Alabama-Florida Alabama -17 (38) Alabama 29-15
2014 Alabama-Missouri Alabama -14.5 (49) Alabama 42-13
2013 Auburn-Missouri Missouri -2 (59.5) Auburn 59-42
2012 Alabama-Georgia Alabama -7.5 (51) Alabama 32-28
2011 LSU-Georgia LSU -12.5 (46.5) LSU 42-10
2010 Auburn-South Carolina Auburn -3.5 (61) Auburn 56-17
2009 Alabama-Florida Florida -5 (41) Alabama 32-13
2008 Alabama-Florida Florida -10 (54) Florida 31-20
2007 LSU-Tennessee LSU -7 (58.5) LSU 21-14
2006 Arkansas-Florida Florida -3 (45) Florida 38-28
2005 LSU-Georgia LSU -2.5 (42) Georgia 34-14
2004 Auburn-Tennessee Auburn -14.5 (48) Auburn 38-28
2003 Georgia-LSU LSU -3 (42) LSU 34-13
2002 Arkansas-Georgia Georgia -8 (46) Georgia 30-3
2001 LSU-Tennessee Tennessee -7 (54) LSU 31-20
2000 Auburn-Florida Florida -9.5 (52.5) Florida 28-6
1999 Alabama-Florida Florida -7 (51) Alabama 34-7
1998 Tennessee-Miss. State Tennessee -14 (48) Tennessee 24-14
1997 Tennessee-Auburn Tennessee -7 (58) Tennessee 30-29
1996 Alabama-Florida Florida -14.5 (49.5) Florida 45-30
1995 Arkansas-Florida Florida -24 (58) Florida 34-3
1994 Alabama-Florida Florida -7 (46) Florida 24-23
1993 Alabama-Florida Florida -4 (43.5) Florida 28-13
1992 Alabama-Florida Alabama -10 (36.5) Alabama 28-21


It’s been Alabama country in the SEC over the last decade, but in 2022, Georgia set the new standard in the SEC. Going 13-0 in the regular season and then blowing LSU away in the SEC Championship game, the Bulldogs will be looking to build on this form going into the next season.

SEC Championship Facts, Trends:

2023 College Football National Championship Odds

It’s the SEC and Georgia at the top right now. Naturally, the Bulldogs currently leads the way at +250, while Alabama is a worthy pick at +500, currently sitting in the No.2 spot.

Texas A&M, LSU and Florida are lingering on the outer fringes, all representing a decent preseason play.

Team Odds
 1. Georgia +250
2. Alabama +325
7. LSU +1800
T16. Texas A&M +5000
T18. Auburn +10000


SEC National Championship Facts, Trends:

SEC Heisman Trophy Odds 2023

When it comes to the Heisman Trophy for 2023, there are a number of worthy candidates across the SEC. Be sure to check back closer to the start of the season for the exact 2023 Heisman Trophy odds.

SEC Heisman Trophy Facts, Trends:

SEC Sports Betting FAQ

Which SEC football states have legal online sports betting?

Tennessee and Louisiana: Currently, just two of the 11 SEC football states are live with legal online sports betting: Tennessee and Louisiana. However, more are expected to launch soon enough.

Which SEC football states currently don't have legal online sports betting?

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina and Texas: Currently, 9 of the 11 SEC football states are still without legal online sports betting: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina and Texas.

Where will the 2022 SEC College Football Championship Game be played?

Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA will host the 2022 SEC Championship Game.

Where can I watch the 2022 SEC Football Championship Game?

CBS owns the rights to the 2022 SEC College Football Championship Game.

Which team is favored to win the 2022-23 SEC Football Championship Game?

Alabama: Powerhouse Alabama is the odds-on favorite to win the 2022-23 SEC Championship Game at -140, per Caesars Sportsbook.

Which of the Power 5 Football Conferences makes the most money?

Big Ten: The Big Ten has earned the most reported revenue of all Power 5 Football Conferences, but the SEC is by far the most dominant on-field product.

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