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I'm not taking shots at other teams here, but that list doesn't exactly make us RBU. A couple of these were not all that at the next level, and one is a QB, another is Manziel the Corny, unlike the SEC's DBs that stick around at the next level.
Unfortunately this a true statement.
Yeah, that would definitely make me adjust my priorities a bit. Either way best of luck to him.
I saw something about having a kid due in Atl soon.
Could it be due to injury or something?
Shouldn't there be a note reading "until the end of rookie contract. "?
*Yawn* Cool story bro!!
Look we all know it's Coach Miles getting his grass fix.
I think there should be an start by he comments stating "as long as he doesn't play for the Browns, Rams or Chargers
*mic drop* Seriously though you hit the nail on the head. Players grow attached to coaches that they like. I'd be more worried if they celebrated his departure.
Right before he announced they played that video and I knew we lost him.
If you live in the south and you DONT like fried chicken something is wrong.
Smells like Tennessee is gonna finish 4th in East again.
They have much higher academic standards than most schools so does it really count?
I wonder if it has anything to do with these kids growing up watching Mizzu play against the BIG 12? I mean if you are growing up watching a TX, OK etc beat your home team wouldn't you look at them a little more?
Come on over to the Bayou State, I'm sure we could use you.