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If you want to do drugs and party, do that. What Johnny did wasn't morally wrong, just really stupid.
Wrong again. You have to graduate from A&M to be an Aggie, meaning that Sumlin and Fran aren't Aggies. If you were to become a professor at A&M for example, you wouldn't be a Aggie, as what you are doing is just a job. You are the ignorant one.
You are WRONG. The line is "AGGIES do not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do" Fran wasn't an Aggie, and so I'm not wrong. I have the right to defend someone's arrest when they were arrested wrongly. You were not able to disprove anything I said. Get out of here, troll.
Our head coach was not an Aggie. He was a coach for A&M, therefore that claim is invalid. Also, I said Aggies by describing the typical Aggie, not every one. When you have 40,000+ people graduating every year, some are bound to be bad. You couldn't refute most of my claims. Also, when you talk about arrests, the College Station PD arrested Speedy Noil for talking to a police officer. They are insane. Meanwhile, there are police departments accross the country are hiding violent criminals from being arrested because they play football. Also, I seem to remember the judge releasing those two Alabama players as they work in the hot sun. That is worse than anything A&M/the community has done in the past 25 years. You did spin it. I showed you how and you ignored my arguement, again. Get out of here troll.
You actually are spinning the situation. What you are doing is the equivalent of using the A&M v Texas all time record without taking into account the fact that scholarship limits were not in place and that A&M was just a small military school for that time. Things have changed, and you are blind (or just really biased and stubborn) if you cannot see that.
IDGAF what we did 30 years ago. I know about our history and I told you what I thought. Quit using that same talking piece strawman by actively misrepresenting my opinion. Quit living in the past, and notice that we are quite clean. Also, we cannot control the actions of a single person, such as Fran. We punished him as much as we could. Also, remember that Fran was also Alabama's head coach, so that doesn't exactly help your case. Tell me what rules A&M has broken in the past 10 years. I'm waiting
Bamatime - what you are saying simply means nothing. I would reccomend that you get off your high horse. Alabama has been worse than A&M ethics wise in recent years. A&M is currently one of if not the most moral school in the SEC currently. Our coaching staff and AD don't tolerate lying, cheating, or stealing. There is a reason why we have been squeaky clean in recent history. I never said anything about 30 years ago. The leader of the compliance department was a Longhorn who investigated every SWC team except for his own. He intentionally badly punished Texas' in state foes in order to give Texas an advantage. The NCAA was and still is tyrannical. This being said, the NCAA has no backbone and I don't respect their authority. I am not proud of what our guys did, but the situation was way over blown. I was also not alive to speak against it. By and large, MOST Aggies follow the code of conduct (anti lying, cheating and stealing). I know our history better than you ever will.
I do agree with you oldarmy. I mean buy and large that Ags are good moral people. When you have 60,000 students, of course some of them are going to be bad.
You are intolerant. Quit generalizing large groups of people. I support lgbtq+ rights. I support immigration. I am not religious, however, the Catholic church is just as valid as any other. You are bigotted and participating in a strawman with your ignorant response. Also, you have to go back to the 80s to find something we did wrong.
A LONGHORN was the leader of the compliance department. He investigated EVERY SWC team except for Texas. We haven't done anything in my lifetime.
A&M doesn't cheat. Aggies do not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do. Also, A&M would win way more recruiting battles if we paid. Prime examples include Greg Little, Brandon Jones, or Kendall Sheffield.
I honestly see nothing wrong with the photo. What part of is is supposedly offensive?
Kyle Allen = 3 pick 6's against Alabama...
Aaron Hansford for A&M has not been and is not a linebacker. He was listed as an athlete out of high school (with olb as one of his positions) and plays reciever/running back for A&M. He was recruited by A&M solely as an offensive guy. The only LB we took in the 2016 class was Tyrel Dodson out of Tennessee.
Typical SDS. No research done on A&M what so ever. Mazzone is attempting to use the tight end more, and we got two new tight ends in our 2017 class, Including Cam Horry who was offered by LSU, and Bama strongly considered offering. Lack of use of the tight end position has nothing to do with talent their.
Merrit was a 4 star composite. My bad. He was a 5 star on one site though.
It's criminal not to mention 5 star speed demon transfer Kirk Merrit. He transferred from Oregon. He is most likely A&M's second best reciever. As you probably do not focus on A&M, it's understandable that you didn't mention Quartney Davis or Aaron Hansford, as both are really good and will play a lot more than Jeffery.
Wrong. It's criminal to put him above Trayveon Williams, as he isn't better than Williams.