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You are officially disinvited to all future UGA events. Go back to cracker land and try to join the lizards. Don't worry, you and your illogical opinions will fit right in.
You mean the ACC is just holding back progress to attempt to retain the prestige and power it won't admit that it lost 5 years ago??? I'm shocked. It's not like their best team has a coach with the exact same mindset of making excuses and pretending he's better than everyone else and also riding on the coattails of the people he's employing and coaching only to realize he has nothing when they actually leave. Wait nevermind, Dabo still exists.
SBIV is good enough to win the national championship. Prove me wrong!!!
Murray is right... Cook needs to be the star of the show for us to win this one
Good call AFan. But @BC in NC did you forget that the Chubb/Michel combo kept us putting up points and going to OT in a high scoring NC game? Bad take bro
Lol getting blasted in the cfp has worked pretty well for the Sooners. That being said I feel you guys got an upgrade with Venables. I think he's ready and capable of successfully making the transition to the SEC. Just wish UTjr wasn't coming with.
Can't wait to watch the 2 best teams play each other twice in a season. There is something so special and strange about it.
Do your math again. I think I just figured out your financial issues
This could be a shutout. Kentucky looks a lot like Michigan in this game.
Correction... Nobody except UGA has stopped him. But let's forget about that for a moment. GATA Hogs!!! Show them kittens you belong just like you did to most everyone else
Because they have plenty of day 1 and 2 draft picks on their team and all of them deserve a chance to finally play against other day 1 and 2 draft picks
Saban enjoys playing from behind in the first half. As per the norm, it eventually becomes a blowout. Cincy is elite on defense but lacks necessary depth to finish. Bama 47, Cincy 23
Agreed. And will add that UGA has played remarkably disciplined when opponents do run trick plays. Dunno who wins, but that's why the game is played. Woof!!!
gwhite713 I'm no mathematician but a 28 point loss to Bama is not playing closer than UGA's 17 point loss to Bama. Like they are both blowouts but UT lost much worse.
Give Monken and Faulkner complete control of offensive decision-making and Georgia wins this. Learn from Saban Kirby, for the love of God learn from Saban Kirby
Yeah Auburn isn't winning this one. I'd be shocked
Keep living in dream world. You'll need it while Napier tries to find some semblance of a good team out of that mess for the next 2 years
Spot on assessment!!! These are 'control V' "writers"
Move on from this year dude. You have a whole new coach to get one good season out of before you run him out by year 4.
Am I the only one that thought that this particular play (not the game or other plays) was the right call? Like I wanted the gators to win but it seems like that was the right call, I mean don't hit a defenseless player from behind even if you might have wiffed right?
Lol TrueGrit thinks he's being trolled. Why you mad bro?
You can't lose twice and ever think a playoff birth can be reality. But let's not pretend you actually accept reality. A two loss national champ would be a sham.
Actually it's De'Jahn Warren. There is not De'Jahn White. But ya know it's SDS so whatever
Thought he'd announce for the draft since he'll be 24 in January. Good luck in your final season young man