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I'm more concerned about the Run defense than anything. If we fail to keep teams below 3ypc it could be a rough year. But I also think that the majority of SEC teams will face run defense issues so I'm not as worried as I think I probably should be.
The secondary is far deeper and more talented than last year. As long as we get thru game 1 without taking an L, I am sure the CB's will game enough confidence to outplay last year's pass defense.
This is riddled with typos and grammatical errors. Would it hurt to proofread your article 1 time?
Guess we should cool expectations on ATM until we know whether they can stop the run
Vols could go anywhere from 4-8 to 10-2 and it wouldn't surprise me. Top heavy with talent but lacking any real depth. Keep the QB upright and play bend don't break Defense and you guys will have a heck of a season.
You guys deserved better than tweedle Dan and tweedle DUMBsh1t Todd
Can't wait to hear "Texas is back" for all of 12 days of the season.
Can verify that this kid is electric. Seen him in person and he is the real deal. Only rated so low because he lives in OK
That DB room has a lot of high end talent.
If Pittman thought he deserves a scholarship he must not be a bad player or person.
It's not a joke. You should be pretty concerned at both lines of scrimmage.
And you are right. Predicting the west this year is essentially a dice roll after the elephants and the hogs
I left them off the 'fighting for 3rd' list because I have them penciled in as a top 2 west team.
Nobody will be surprised by Arky this year. Only question will be if it matters. Can't wait to see if Pittman is a giant slayer because he's obviously one of the best coaches in all of football.
Auburn will be competing with LSU, Miss State, Miss, and A&M for 3rd best team in the West. My guess is this team looks a lot less shaky with guys that are actually excited to play for Harsin.
They will have a very good defense again. And I guess we'll find out if running between the tackles will be their kryptonite this year.
That makes sense. Don't know much about Ricks but I can't imagine he transfered to Bama to play with better competition at his position. LSU always has great CB depth
The offense is bound to improve because our first and second stringers will be healthy enough to play more than 3-5 games. We took our foot off the gas in the 2nd half of games last year because half of the team was injured. So add in the fact that our 3rd string guys played really well down the stretch and it means we bring back tons of experience at ever position on offense.
You realize that it's always dark in Alaska during football season right? Like they get 4-6 hours of sunlight
Gwhite I don't think you understand NIL. For 1, it's not just boosters that will be paying players. It's large and small businesses, ad agencies, charities, individuals, and boosters. For 2, non of that NIL money comes from the school nor it's budget.
Yeah I didn't get that either. We have tons of 5*'s on D but only 2 proven DB's coming back. The writer isn't exactly a genius but I'd call that "best secondary" line a bold fail.
Ron gets it. Offense is about 1/3rd to 2/5ths of the game of football. You still get an F if you don't focus on more than half of the test.
On a different note, there is a reason the writer is referred to as Matt "Libel" Hayes. I very much agree with your take FlaBuckeye.
Ugh *"I actually have more of a problem" Old me and my poor proofreading.
I actually have of a problem with Smart having an Iphone than using Saban's plan against him.
Vols barely won 7 games and they are doing what you just said is close to impossible. And just like you guys they hired a top tier group of 5 coach. Don't buy Matt Hayes nonsense. This guy is a sensationalist begging for views with zero valid perception of reality or morals. Don't fall into a bad writer's trap of lies.
That's very true braves. But when people know what's going to happen, it becomes a matter of do you have the players that can beat them anyway. As much as I didn't like the Heupel hire, he is recruiting at a level that Jones couldn't keep up with and executing at a level Pruitt never could. It'll be fun to watch the East bring parity back to the SEC the next few years
Seems like a pretty talented kid. I think Tennessee will have a better defense the next few years. But I still wonder if it will show on the stat and win sheet without the offense eventually having to play some form of complementary football. I think Tennessee should also be concerned about what I would call the Mike Leach Effect: where teams figure out how to make your "unique" offense ineffective after having played against it.