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I think Tucker is at his dream job already. Like Smart, he isn't going anywhere unless Saban retired and Bama came calling.
You heard it here... Tennessee almost beat Ole Miss. Heck they should be ranked in the top 10 with the brutal record they've played so far. It isn't like they have only beaten teams with losing records. I mean did you see that world beating offense against Florida?
Shaking in our boots to face that world-beater offense that put up 40+ on those great defenses of Missouri, South Carolina, and Tennessee Tech.
That seems realistic. Florida needs to hit the reset button and see if they can find a new coach before it's too late. As much as I'd like to see Florida keep Grantham and Mullen forever, they are too good a program to just sit there and let themselves become the next Texas.
Well it looks like UTjr is living up to the UT moniker... bunch of spoiled children who believe that they are world beaters and will use every excuse in the book to justify that, "they really are a good team it's just that the whole world is jealous and sabotages us." Really showing a 'No Horns Down' attitude. Can't wait to see UTjr play Texas in the next few years to see who wins the Spoiled Brat's Throw The Biggest Fit Bowl.
Huge resume booster for both teams. Two lights out defenses and two underrated offenses. But the only quality win for Kentucky has been the Florida game and that makes me think the spread isn't as misleading as it seems.
Arkansas is not an inferior team... South Carolina qualifies as inferior though
I think you are greatly overestimating how good Auburn's defense is. Arkansas defense is significantly better and they were pretty much helpless against the dawgs even with no JT Daniels.
That was UGA's third string defense they put up points on. Not to knock SC but SEC offensive starters ought to be able to put up good numbers against any third string defense.
If I'm LSU I'm waiting until the title IX suit concludes that Orgeron is at fault and his tail is getting show-caused out the door. LSU will always be able to recruit at a top 10 level so what's the rush if millions can be saved for the next coach?
Florida should give Dan and Todd new extensions that go thru 2100. Keep stuffing the pockets of a bunch of "coaching sevants" who's ceiling is 8 wins.
Cue the Florida fans trying to justify why UF keeps losing but Dan Mullen and (Insert Trendy Player) aren't getting enough credit for how good they "really" are and just need to be paid more money.
Didn't know anyone in Missouri could read. I learn something new every day I guess.
Plus that would put the trans argument to bed for good. We'd finally have an actual: be the best to beat the best
Can't we just combine Men's and Women's non-contact sports so that the argument about inequality ends? I'd much rather hear them argue about why there is only 1 or two women on a non-contact sports team than whether they are being treated like stars vs like a burden.
I'm calling it now... Two bad calls by the refs determine this game late in the third while Miss is up by 10-14 and the Tide gets the win by 1 score due to refs keeping Bama in the game.
Bad take. If Cincy crushes ND this week, and both Indiana and ND win out, and you have a 1-loss champ from every conference, then Cincy gets in.
Young is like Rattler... Needs the talent advantage or he is just another funsize fivestar with potential. Jake Fromm fit that mold too
I don't see anyone left on the schedule that matches up remotely well with UGA except maybe Arkansas. Everybody in the east is trying to run the ball to win. I just don't see that working against UGA.
I like how when UGA beats a top 10 team every one sounds the alarm that it wasn't convincing enough of a victory. But any other team in the SEC (not named Bama) does so much as competes with a top25 team and all of a sudden they are on the rise or world beaters. I guess it shows how far the gap is between UGA/Bama and everyone else.
Having watched the 3rd and 4th string WR's relatively consistently get open and block decently, I think it's safe to say that we should give all the injured 1st and 2nd stringers all the time they need to get back to 100%. If you had told me last year that we'd be 3-0 in 2021 with all the fivestar and top100 receivers injured I'd have called you Negan and asked for you to please disconnect your internet.
So what happens when November comes around and there is only 1 undefeated team per division? Does Mr. Hinton's take still stand that all of these top 10 teams with wins over Top25's don't have a case as dominant powers that cannot be trounced?
Glad you can admit that smoke. I was wrong about how bad auburn's defense was, they are pretty tough
This is facts. We are talking, a team with dominance and depth at a couple positions vs Bama with dominance and depth at all positions. Matchup advantages win this game solidly for the elephants.
Like you said... PSU is no better than an average SEC team. And they are playing an average SEC team this week. So the X factor here is Nix on the road vs a PSU team with no talent disadvantage
Nix reminds everyone how he plays in road games without a talent advantage and PSU wins by 17. Same old same old
I have a feeling the gators look like Miami vs the Tide this weekend.