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You leave the Auburn guy alone and go back to picking on my Dawgs.I wish the Dawgs were the redheaded stepchild. The redheaded stepchild has at least won a Championship in recent memory. I've never been alive for Georgia winning the natty. Lifelong fan, but just being real. We are always 1 snap away and never any closer. Maybe this is the year.
They will not be relevant again for a very long time. They continue to find some of the best offensive minds in the country to be their head coaches but that doesn't mean anything as long as they have a group of deep pocketed donors trying to play back seat driver on the program. It wouldn't work anywhere else (ie Notre Dame, who btw stopped doing that and padded their schedule with p5 cupcakes), it won't work at Texas.
That's an easy jab. But when your best players all opt out and the best player remaining was Fromm, we had no chance to beat a Texas team with something to play for that wasn't the playoffs. UGA was playoff or bust that year and we had Fromm, so obviously BUST!!!!
You are going to want to lower those expectations my friend. As someone who suffered thru Grantham, it doesn't matter how many future all pros are on your team, that guy bleeds failure. I feel bad for every fan base that has had to deal with him. Even gators. He will probably bring Mullen down with him.
Good ole Gator fans spend all their time trolling, instead of vetting a new defensive coordinator. Keep wasting your energy, it will pay off in the season for sure.
That being said I think Heupel could be a pretty solid hire from a culture standpoint.
For the 1st time in my life I feel bad for Tennessee fans... like you hired all the UGA busts for coaches (minus a couple quality assistants) and they teamed up with another UGA bust(Pruitt) to create the biggest culture problems since SMU's death penalty (b4 I ever was born). Like i really feel for you guys, all that history and prestige wiped away by a bunch of clowns that couldn't call plays for my dawgs when it actually mattered. As a sports fan its disheartening to see those coaches make millions of dollars when 28yr old amateur me wouldn't be willing to pay them a penny.