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LSU is one of the top 10 most talented teams every year and they finally have a mentally stable coach. If there's one team I don't want the Dawgs to see in Atlanta it's LSU.
That's so cute that you think most people agree with you. Betting isn't going anywhere, and surely if you found a mirror you'd know that neither are idiots. Good luck trying to protect the "moral high ground" so the sport isn't "ruined". If you hate it so much stop watching.
Thank goodness UGA had the foresight to pick up two of the SEC's most productive receivers during the off-season or it'd be MRJ and Bell and a boatload of question marks.
Hate to break it to you but winning a rock fight against a bad team is not a sign of progress. It's an obvious result of having the most talented roster in football and still failing to exploits the benefits that come with it. That's a coaching issue that cannot be resolved in time for the postseason. Enjoy the wins you can get as SEC coaches continue to figure your team out each week.
Two bad teams cannot be outdone at trying to lose a rock fight.
A tale of two teams that just aren't very good. Neither team can throw the ball well, which is surprising because neither team's defense is any good either.
Both these teams are bad. Not shocked by the poor offensive play, but that doesn't mean either team's defense is any good either.
Bama could certainly lose to any of those guys.
I would prefer a home and home since we've finally debunked the "tradition matters" trope in the past few years of major changes.
I can't wait until Gary doesn't call games anymore. At least Bee One Gee gets him permanently after this year. That league deserves him.
This Bama team has one of the worst secondaries in the league. The only question is, does the SEC have an elite QB that can take full advantage like Ewers did?
It's bizarre that Hayes called Ohio State and elite defense. That's like calling Tennessee an elite defense.
Lol they'd have to beat UGA and they historically struggled to do that without a one Joe Burrow
I thought Mertz played as well as anybody could in the first 3 games against that schedule... he hasn't been the reason the Gators have struggled at times. He played exceptional in the Utah game.
Yup Dawgs are terrible... more yummy pac12 rat poison please. Let's pretend ole Chrissy doesn't hate all things Georgia while we're at it.
That All-World Vols defense strikes again!!! They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.
Just saying the world is full of self-centered pu$$ies, it's not one age group, it's just a personality type
Not any softer than any other generation. Boomers are so soft they forced the govt to give them free money from working class citizens when they retire. GenX is so soft they started $h00ting up schools because they couldn't take being insulted. Millennials are so soft that we've forced companies to be extra kind and accepting to everyone whose feelings might get hurt. Literally all humans are f u c king babies.
Be kinda fun if the lizards still won this game. It's definitely possible as the Vols pass defense is still a huge question mark and Mertz tore a very good Utah secondary apart 2 weeks ago.
Quiet... he's appeasing the delusion that aTm is relevant so that the farmers can sleep easy next to their sister-momma-wives.
C'mon now, Austin Peay is a really really really average FCS team.
Did I strike a chord? Cause that's the SEC's doing bud, and from the looks of it its to protect Aggies from another blowout
That’s odd… in less than 12 months this won’t be an OOC game anymore and yet you just said what you said. Are you just upset that the Carolinas colleges are all sh1t now and so your only answer is blame the SEC instead of maybe taking accountability for the fact that even the Old Ball Coach couldn’t make your team relevant?
Because Chase Daniel should have won the Heisman 15 years ago. Which is also that last time they were relevant.
The funniest part is no one is surprised except for Bama fans.
That looked like the same Bama we saw last year minus a Heisman Trophy Winning QB. Terrible OLine, Terrible DLine, Terrible Secondary.
Classic aTm football... Throw money at a grease fire and act like it's okay