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Love these! Not a fan of the ones they have been wearing of late and that all-black one! Traditional colors with a traditional uni! Sleek, classy - that is Hog Tradition!!
These videos have made the situation tolerable. They are doing a good job - the Big12 "Well as soon as I check with Texas...then..." Hilarious!
Good! I am probably in the minority with my opinion - but if it wasn't for WMS I would have never seen a Razorback game growing up. From Frank, Lou and Kenny - I saw some great games. I came home on leave to watch the Hogs and Horns play their last home game before leaving for the SEC and it was a great Hog win when no one gave them a chance of winning. WMS is special, its importance to the Razorbacks is evident. Glad to see it getting some love. WPS!
WOW! Poor Gary Henderson held that program together and got them to the CWS. I hope it was his to turn down at least. Was pulling hard for MSU to make it to the finals for an All-SEC final! Hats off to MSU - they swept the Hogs this year and made it look easy!
I just don't know about this guy. I get that he is responsible for some of Clemson's success and that he has improved SMU every year. Still when I read articles about what he is saying - I just don't get a warm fuzzy over him. I'll give the man five years. Won't be too critical his first year - but I do have reservations about him and his staff and the type of football he likes to play.
Well dang...wish him well and a long career and good health...except when they play the Razorbacks.
Business vs. tradition – business will win every time. The tourniquet the hill placed on War Memorial has finally killed it. What a shame. I have many memories of Razorback games in there and know the importance that the stadium is (or now was) to the program. I don’t mind those proponents who want all the games up on the hill – what I do mind is their attitude about it. Do they treat their dying relative like that? Have they no respect? It is the end. I know…as the years go by it will only be a memory to us who witnessed many of the program’s historic wins done on that field. Let me enjoy my memory and quit rushing its death. Go Hogs beat TCU! WPS!!
Quit with the TV time outs after kick-offs, punts, change of possession - that is what has elongated the game. Knock that crap off and the game will be fine. Also get rid of the sideline reporter - useless and those segments for them are just a waste of time.
Normally I'd give a new coach at least 5 years. That way he finally has his players, his system - it is all him. BUT with CBB he hasn't had the same staff more than one year and the program was lower than whale sh...well you know when he got here. So he had to stop the bleeding before he build it up. So that first year was a throwaway year - so I'm going to give him one more year to produce. Although he has to win at least 8/9 wins and if we lose they cannot be like the Auburn game last year - we have to be in the game. I like CBB and I like the team he has put together and i appreciate his focus on graduating players although realistically that doesn't get you anything if you still lose!
This is what I meant in my comments above, that this and other articles about Joe Public packing inside the stadium wasn't exactly true - but the articles didn't convey that part of it. It was in 2006 that a lone student at OU got within 170 yards of the stadium there in Norman that was packed with OU fans watching the Sooners. His bomb vest went off on accident and he blew himself up. Don't think for a moment he wasn't going to go inside the stadium and set it off there. It is for these reasons and the climate of terrorists randomly attacking that this came into being.
The day KY is finally caught for all the rules they have been bending and ignoring - the world knows they are - is a day that will long be overdue. Then Calamari will leave in his wake another school to have to suffer what the NCAA will impose. I never really cared one way or the other about KY but their clueless classless fans trolling on here today has definitely been a deciding factor to never root for them again. Sure - Hogs didn't comport themselves well today and i'm sure much has been said to them by their coach but KY fans are arrogant a-holes - no disputing that.
Not a bad class. Personally I'd liked to have seen a few more defensive down-linemen, but it is solid. CBS – 20 Rivals – 23 Scout – 27 ESPN – 24 247 – 25
I like him. I think he can get it done. Sure I get aggravated when we lose games and especially the way we lost to MO - but when he got here he had to stop the bleeding, then he had to change a system, then he had to instill confidence into the players and then he had to win some games. Nobody reaches the top of the mountain without a slip here and there. I'd like to see the defense be a dominant unit out on the field and even though he has said it publicly I got to believe he'll address that situation when the bowl game is over. I'm no Duke fan by any stretch but I was reading an article about their coach and i didn't realize that he got there in 1980. They didn't win their first championship under him until 1991. Been a hog fan from the days of Broyles up to now - just my opinion but I think we're headed in the right direction but in a day of instant everything I understand some folks not being patient but in the end we all want the same the thing for the Hogs to win it all. WPS!
Well - hate to see him flip, but if he doesn't want to be a Razorback, then we don't need him. Good luck to him at OM (except when they play the Hogs) and wish him well.
I love the Hogs, but I have to disagree with this guy's take on the AL/LSU game - a throwback? Hardly, classic SEC football - you bet. You got that Biff?
Disagree with some of the points in this article, but overall pretty decent. Still think that the Hogs will get this one - but they'll have their hands full for sure against Auburn. WPS!
No doubt about it - this one is going to be tough. Can't have let downs like in the 4th quarter against TAMU. Still, the Hogs are very capable - just have to play error free and capitalize on the Bama mistakes - if any! To those Bama fans making that drive to the hill, safe trip! WPS! GO HOGS BEAT BAMA!
After letting TAMU slip through and win the last two meetings. THERE is no way they have a prayer in this game. Not that previous years have anything to with the current year at all - but this game has been circled and planned since last year. I don't doubt TAMU has a decent team and is going to try their best, but in the end it is a loss for them and a long trip back home. WPS ALL NIGHT LONG! Hogs got this one!
All right all right all right - time to focus on TAMU. Have given them the game last 2 years, time to win this game and set right the natural order of things! WPS!
We gots TCU riiiight where we want them! WPS!
While it is disappointing to have a one point home win I think you need to understand that Skip Holtz pretty much had 8 months to prepare for this game. While he is a product of FHS during the glory days of his dad being the Hog’s coach – don’t think for a moment he didn’t want to put a big L on this home opener for the Hogs. Remember him as the coach of E. Carolina when the Hogs played them in the Liberty Bowl a few years ago. One tough game. Face it, whenever the Hogs play a Skip Holtz team they are going to bring their best and it will garner his focus. Should the game have been as close or as hard as it was for the Hogs to win? No it shouldn’t, but it was – fortunately the Hogs came away with the W. TCU is pretty impressive offensively but I didn’t see anything in that game that remotely looked like a defense. The line is 7.5, and I think that is pretty spot on. The Hogs are the underdog and oddly enough I’m fine with that for the Hogs always seem to play better as the underdog. WPS!
Hands down it is Razorbacks.
Good...we got the SEC right where we want them! Fear the TUSK! WPS!
Well dang...well I'll echo what Londonhawg said - Good luck to you Mr. James.
While I have learned that CBB puts a lot of thought into these hires and seems to get the right person I just wish we could go at least one year without having to hire a new coach for the staff. Although, there is something to be said about other programs wanting our personnel.