1978 MU graduate - BSCE. Professional Engineer specializes in sports facilities (stadiums, playing field, tennis courts, etc.)

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Just to clarify for both of you, first I agree, I do not like the MIZZOU branding. That said, UM refers to the University of Missouri which is a System of 4-campuses. It is correct to refer to the flagship campus as MU or Missouri University. Captain, no need to pick a fight before we embarrass ourselves again.
Sad as it may be, hope the Missouri's AD takes some leadership from Arkansas.......
ChamHock23, don't confuse the liberal educators in Columbia as representative of our state. There is a reason they call Columbia the Socialist Republic of. As a Columbia native (defined as being born here over 60-years ago), most NATIVE Missourians are proud of the fact Missouri never formally surrendered in the civil war. Missouri had more battles than all but one other state, though most were skirmishes by the deep south's standards. After over 100-years we still hate the Redleg Jayhawkers from Lawrence Kansas. Yes our accent is midwestern, but attitudes are a lot more southern than northern.
Eric, as a representative of my University, please show a small amount of class and keep your mouth shut off and ON the playing field. Until you and your teammates can show you are better ON the field, you have not earned the right to brag off the field. Thank you.