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"it’s telling to see Drinkwitz basically admit that his team overachieved in 2020". I would rephrase to ask did we play 500 ball in 2020 with another (abet poor) coach's players, or are we seeing what a Drinkwitz head coach really looks like in the 2nd year at a school (a first for him)?
I am not sure I see 4 wins for Missouri this year, delusional to think they will reach 6.
BoondockSaint, we appreciate the cheerleader comment - at least we are doing one thing right - Oh, we also have the best wrestling team (and only), until OKLA. and Texas join. WRT our coach, still love his spunk, but his decisions on playcalling, staff, etc. are becoming suspect. Will see what the next year brings. Right now, our coaching selection is not looking very solid
I truly doubt they will get 500-yard rushing against Missouri, probably closer to 450 as they will still pass once in a while.
Head Coaching is about leadership - Arkansas got a great Defensive Coordinator from MU, one that was out of place as a head coach. Get the pieces in the right places and the system works. Love Drinkwitz as a head coach, unsure about his choice of defensive coordinator. Your choices of your staff tell what you need to know about the leader.
Always happy to see the traditional block 'M' on the helmet.
I agree we know little as she has a minimal track record in leadership roles. I suspect the comment relates to this being a quick hire by Choi and his past reputation (on the school's academic side) of getting rid of long term employees, loyal to the institution, and replacing them with woke boot lickers. People assume he will stay true to his past approach to management and hiring.
Like the Uniform, agree with D-Line-U. Go back to the iconic block M on the helmet.
And what do you expect an employee to say about his new boss? Some hires Mizzou has made look pretty good now (Football, Softball). Some have not have mediocre results (Basketball-Both, Baseball). Time will tell, but based on Choi's track record, we have no clue what to expect. What MU has not done is gone after a prominent name. At times you would think the school is satisfied with average.
Choi has significant issues with both faculty and students. I suspect this is more about issues other than athletics.
Why do people still believe the original name of Paige Arena was after Laurie's cheating daughter. It was named for his sports company, Paige, as a tax write off. OK, so the sports company was named after his cheating daughter. :)
Having been involved with the design and construction of the MIZZOU Arena, my opinion of the new look is simple - hideous
Unsure what "whining" from aTm and MU you are referring to, unless it is a warning you will regret adding Fexus. Oklahoma is a great add from sports side, but does not greatly add to market. I suspect ESPN pushed Fexus to get out from under the losing Longhorn Network.
Announcement the University is going to pay his FULL salary for the next 2-years says everything you need to know.
"Surely the Big 12 never looked into the crystal ball and saw that when it was being held together by Scotch Tape 10 years ago." Part of it did - Colorado, Nebraska, Texas A&M, and Missouri.....
Bayou Tiger - Consider one further step in the past. AR, aTm, and TX were old SWC. MO and OKLA were Original Big 8 Teams. Missouri has monger, deeper ties to OKLA than the other 3.
Question no one has talked about yet - SEC is adding two wrestling schools (TX and OU). Missouri just associated with the Big 12 for their wrestling program. Will be curious to see what happens after 2021 (assuming OU and TX join the SEC in the summer of 2022.
The key in here is the "Mutual Agreement" comment. Choi has quietly removed a lot of the senior staff he inherited. My guess is the only thing mutual was they both knew he was being terminated.
Curious to hear comments on the Pods, if going by geography and ties to the old SWC aTm would be with Texas and Okla. Further west and SWC school (MU was in the Big 8). Is this being presented to separate Fexus and aTm or other reason?
I recognize this is about money, Money, and MONEY; but agree with most of the negative comments about Fexus. They are not supportive of conference family. I suspect at the end of the day they trade-off is aTm gets to go into a different pod, even though they are farther west than Missouri to even out the pod's (perceived power).
Well written - If we bring in OU / Okst we would have 3 Top 25 wresting programs! I know THAT is a sport you all care about! :)
JTF, State funds the school, which CONTROLS intercollegiate athletics. You take operations and maintenance funds from the school, won't impact athletics, but can't imagine the Curators would tolerate.
Arrogance and the special treatment is a large part of why we left. After reading the above, need we say more. Only way TX should even be discussed if if they get rid of their private network, live with the 'horns down' or other preferential treatment, and understand they are an equal, not a king. SEC is doing fine without them. They have found themselves in the wilderness and want to be more prominent again. I believe in forgiveness, BUT only after penitence and one asking for it.
The legislatures available penalty is cutting OU's funding
To consider Texas they have to agree to get rid of their private network and be an equal - no more / no less - they will do neither. They are so special they got the Big 12 to make a special penalty just for them. Heaven forbid you poke fun at an opponent. Let the snowflakes go to the PAC 12. Ambivalent on Oklahoma, consider OK State or anyone else but Tx
Quin could not leave the white powder and college coeds alone. I think he just rose too fast, burned out, but to his credit, straightened himself out and is doing well today.
By my count that leaves 4 players, plus incoming freshmen, if they do not start jumping too. Perhaps someone, with a better understanding than myself, needs to evaluate what is going on with this program.
One thing to keep in mind is those you call cheaters may not be technically. Yes McGuire used an enhancement that was LEGAL when he used it. When MLB banned the material, he stopped. So did he morally cheat, yes - but technically, no.