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Missouri plays #9 (Kansas) and #16 (Illinois) in the next week or so - guess we will finally see if they are for real.
Wish these kids would be more honest - "I came here to get a free education in exchange for playing football. The University kept their side of the agreement. I did not have the skill, or work hard enough to get the playing time I wanted. Therefore, I will try to continue my free education elsewhere."
Love your idea of Missouri against Kansas, you are the only one predicting this - hope you are right - should be a HUGE draw for fans if it happened.
"Long-term success of this program is going to be determined by the short-term success". Coach, you and the fan base seem to have some differences on the definition of short-term successes (like wins).
At least one comment with humor!
I prefer the traditional Block M on the helmets.
Know it will not happen unless he gets hurt, but maybe it's time to start our freshman 4-star QB and let the fans submit the plays. Can't do any worse on offense. :)
"We didn't make the plays to win the game." Cited being 2/13 on third downs offensively." Help me remember, who is the offensive Coordinator that prepares the offense and calls the plays. Perhaps less execution than leadership from the guy that just pocketed his 2-year extension.
While I agree with the comments on Missouri related to the defensive side - my team has little chance if they cannot learn to score more than 20-points / keep the defense off the field.
What is hard to believe, based on performance was the 2-year extension for the offensive coordinator
Even Georgia would probably admit, Missouri has a solid defense this year. The difference, our offense (and special teams) did not give points to USC. Maybe we have a chance for a bowl.
While we do not have Georgia level of talent on the offence, there is more there than we get credit for. Offence lacks discipline and we have a HC that cannot get out of his own way.
Mizzou has recruited well over the last 2-years, not Alabama or Georgia well, but we are better than we have been playing. The defense is in competent hands. Our issue is the Head Coach. His ego was fun for a while, but he cannot get out of his own way and hire a good OC to lead his offense. This may end up being his undoing.
Drinkwitz should be the (anti) Coach of the year - No one else has been able to take the level of talent he recruited at Mizzou and performed SOOOOOO poorly!
Thank you for the observation. I was wrong with a previous post expecting Mizzou to last a half. Agree, if the defense is not left too exposed (time on the field) by our offence, we might manage a bowl and surprise a few folks. They played with a lot of heart. Was also good to see the stands fairly full - felt more like an SEC atmosphere.
My take is a little different, I agree MU is not a great team, but the defense has been improving a lot. They played a great game Saturday. Our field goal kicker is SEC quality. We have a horrible offense, starting with the coordinator.
Saw the headline and thought the answer would be: 1) Cardinal Baseball; 2)Royals Baseball; 3) Reruns of I Love Lucy
Had he been aware of the situation, worst case was a first down on the 1 yard line - step out. This is why some of the best athletes do not play, or play long at the next level. Playing well is as much mental as physical.
At least Georgia get a bye this Saturday (they go to MIZZOU).
Kirby, wise move complementing him as he removed all mention of Missouri from his social media. Looks like he may be entering the transfer portal mid-season......
Coaching permits (read promotes) show boating. Coaching permits (read promotes) not being prepared to kick. Coaching choses to take a knee a couple of times when we have no fumbled all day. Coaching teaches players not to encroach on field goals, not once, but multiple times. Coaching choses to go back to outside runs / passes in the flats when able to move going at their opponent. Head coaches select their assistants. Regardless, the buck is on Drink's shoulders. Perhaps he should spend a bit more time with solutions that shooting from the hip (including his mouth).
You can say it was a winnable game. Typical of Mizzou, found something that worked, got back in the game, then went away from it (running inside versus outside and passes to flats). Poor prep of special teams and even poorer coaching tolerating the HS (or pro) hotdog move at the goal line that cost the game. Team has work to do, but issues seem largely leadership (coaching).
When Baker was told Finley is out, he replied, “Oh, is he? Didn’t know that,” Sounds like MIZZOU has a DC that pays attention to their opponent. At least he had the right team.
To be consistent with NCAA's treatment of Missouri when they self reported the firing of a tutor for cheating, TN should receive no penalty
for over 50-years OU and OSU have been a couple - Grundy is hurting because OU took Texas to the prom and left it behind. Reaction - similar to KU when Missouri left. Personally, I would rather have OSU in the SEC, Texas has screwed up every conference they have been in. Do we really believe they have changed who they are?
Obviously we will not be able to judge the solution until we see the product on the court next winter, at the rate we are heading, there will be little or no players held over from Martin's last team.
On paper like the moves Coach is making. With respect to Mr. East, the video would have been more impressive will less coast to coast dribble and shooting and showing some defense, assists, passing, and other things that would tell me he will play as part of a team.
Who cares how he FEELS. What a dumb question from a supposed journalist. I thought snowflakes were only juveniles. He is paid a high salary with stupid guarantees (that MU accepted) to perform. Well the AD that hired and negotiated that contract is gone - let's see what our new AD does at the end of season, or in May when the termination penalties drop.
Question is, was that part of the reason to Hire Blake Baker? He was DC at a couple of schools, has some SEC experience.
Strongly disagree - I think my Missouri Tigers are one of the 4-worst SEC teams in basketball! At least we have the best wrestling squad (until Oklahoma and Texas join). :)