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Quin could not leave the white powder and college coeds alone. I think he just rose too fast, burned out, but to his credit, straightened himself out and is doing well today.
By my count that leaves 4 players, plus incoming freshmen, if they do not start jumping too. Perhaps someone, with a better understanding than myself, needs to evaluate what is going on with this program.
One thing to keep in mind is those you call cheaters may not be technically. Yes McGuire used an enhancement that was LEGAL when he used it. When MLB banned the material, he stopped. So did he morally cheat, yes - but technically, no.
Maybe if you would punt more it would be easier to recruit a great punter. They want to get to the professional ranks too! Somehow I doubt Coach Saban wants to pursue this suggestion. :)
I disagree with part of this - Missouri's offense was playing competitively until Bazelak got creamed by 3 defenders on a slide. While I think it should have been a penalty as 2 defenders did not attempt to pull up, it was not cheap. The hit he took to the head by a 300# lineman was not intentional (knee). After that, he was not the same quarterback. Without him, Mizzou struggles.
If I wanted to respond to you thig, I would probably reply something like most of Missouri was settled by those from Kentucky and Tennessee when those areas became too civilized; so yes most of the state has strong southern roots. Oh, and Missouri is the ONLY slave state to not surrender at the end of the civil war. But saying those things would be considered mean spirited.
I would add a more important one for Coach Martin. After 3-years he has his players in place. We need to not just have a winning record, but go to the dance at the end of the season. He is barely over .500 (50-46). Without significant improvement, may be time to evaluate the coaching staff.
"I know some Mizzou fans are growing frustrated with him...." Perhaps a few more than some. While he has been great getting the kids to stay in school and graduate, he has not managed to field, or recruit competitive teams. The Porters, including hiring the father, have been a bust. We continually 'rebuild'. Be nice once every 4-5 years to compete. Missouri has a proud basketball heritage, but we have been mediocre, or worse, since Norm retired.
None of this might have happened if Mullen had shown some class. Florida was and continued to dominate Missouri. They had the ball mid-field and were getting it back in the second half. Instead he took 2 shots at the end zone (second with time out due to offside penalty). He wanted to grind his heal in the opposing team's face and it got out of hand.
Start with am un-classy move of throwing 50-yards to the end zone on the last play of a half where you get the ball right back and were dominating the opposing team. Respond with a less classy move of a late hit. Follow with a coach leading the way onto the field in a rage. How does one think 20ish year old kids behave. The winner is Georgia - Florida plays them next week and Missouri the following after a bye - there will probably be a lot more starters from both the teams not playing in those games.
Perhaps nobody in Louisiana, but I can assure you there are a few million of us in the midwest that do care. :)
It it going to be painful for those in Iowa and Nebraska only having Iowa State playing.
Tony, not talking about fan spirit or attitude, talking about coaching staff / player attitude. MU ICA is one of my higher ed sports clients - have been for nearly 30-years. Agree that under Coach Pinkel there was a lot of expectation by fans, and even confidence by players - what I am seeing a little different is a more of a "team" attitude I have not observed almost since Dan Devine (grew up with family members that played for Coach Devine).
I enjoy your humor and the SEC's welcome to the new conference coaches. Neither program would have gotten the draw, except for their predecessor's ineptitude. That said, I have not observed better overall attitude within Missouri's program for over 20-years. I grew up with a MIZZOU that was know as the giant killer, and many times those games were on the road. No, I am not going to think MU will even have a winning record this year. I do predict they will play better than expected, surprise some folks, and perhaps even "upset" a couple of teams that assume they are horrible.
Question to SDS staff or others: When a player "Opts Out" for a season, is the school obligated to provide free classes, room and board, etc.? Or is is like not going to college for a year?
Rabid football school, but does not add much to the fan base. Also, much more northern flavor. Iowa is a very eastern school and would be a poor fit. Oklahoma / Oklahoma State might be better choices if the SEC wants to look west. And before someone is critical of Mizzou fitting, remember Missouri was predominately settled by those from Kentucky / Tennessee, was part of the south when it became a state, and is contiguous with the SEC. For one, I remain happy to be away from the Big 12 (except beating up on Kansas).
You are welcome - we need some humor here instead of the vitriol :)
This could be a HUGE chance for Missouri, Arkansas, and Vanderbilt! One more conference cancelling could mean we all start and end the season in the top 30 for the first time in years!
Media tend to focus on the negative. Prior to our last few years MU was better known for major upsets and inability to finish the teams we should. For one, I look forward to the challenge of playing the best, and maybe becoming a spoiler.
Just to clarify for both of you, first I agree, I do not like the MIZZOU branding. That said, UM refers to the University of Missouri which is a System of 4-campuses. It is correct to refer to the flagship campus as MU or Missouri University. Captain, no need to pick a fight before we embarrass ourselves again.
Sad as it may be, hope the Missouri's AD takes some leadership from Arkansas.......
ChamHock23, don't confuse the liberal educators in Columbia as representative of our state. There is a reason they call Columbia the Socialist Republic of. As a Columbia native (defined as being born here over 60-years ago), most NATIVE Missourians are proud of the fact Missouri never formally surrendered in the civil war. Missouri had more battles than all but one other state, though most were skirmishes by the deep south's standards. After over 100-years we still hate the Redleg Jayhawkers from Lawrence Kansas. Yes our accent is midwestern, but attitudes are a lot more southern than northern.
Eric, as a representative of my University, please show a small amount of class and keep your mouth shut off and ON the playing field. Until you and your teammates can show you are better ON the field, you have not earned the right to brag off the field. Thank you.