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CO Jones, you have no idea how wrong you are. come on man, Trask is not even in the top 5 best QB's in CFB. And everyone said you have some of the best recievers in CFB, but Trask wouldn't come close to putting up the numbers Joe Burreaux did. so i'd reccomend going to rehab for a bit and getting your life back together.
Im not, im saying that our defense is extremely underrated. but go ahead and underestimate us, see what happens
Mediocre defense? Our defense doesn't perform well because our offense scores so quickly, causing our defense to be out of breathe. And BTW, our Defense has 2 projected 1st round picks (Grant Delpit Safety and Kristian Fulton CB) and the best CB in the SEC (Derek Stingley JR)
Geaux LSU, I live and breathe LSU football. It's an interesting situation this weekend in my house, with my step mom expecting and my dog sick, its a tight household. But on top of that, my parents are die hard UGA fans, and im all LSU. My room is gold walls and purple trim, with an LSU comforter. But now, lets get to the facts. UGA's starting & best WR Lawrence Cager is out with an injury, not to mention Deandre Swift (One of the best at his position) is banged up from the Georgia Tech game. GA Tech was dirty that game, and cause injuries and fights to ruin UGA's chances. Now Pickens is suspended for the first half of the LSU game, so UGA is thin in the recieving core. Jake Fromm is performing mediocre this year, and not the Fromm we saw last year. Now on LSU, Loyd Cushenberry (the offensive lineman) is a force, and Joe Burrow behind him presents a challenge for the deffence due to his ability to run, step up in the pocket, and throw quick. Joe Burrow has 3 NFL caliber wideouts in Jamarr Chase, Justin Jefferson, and Terrance Marshall. On the defensive side, facing a mediocre offense of UGA, lands 2 1st round picks within Grant Delpit and Kristian Fulton. LSU has the best CB in the SEC (Derek Stingley JR) and although the UGA offensve line is the heaviest, they can't make up for the speed of K'Lavon Chaisson. LSU wins big in GA.
Bro, LSU has a better wide reciever core to assist a better Joe Burrow. Teams change bud.
Definitley the right choice. Justin fields fits Ohio State offensive scheme, not UGA. and don't come talking trash just because you play bad teams and want to taunt real teams with real schedules.
@blake763 lets be clear. Joe Burrow threw 471 yards, 0 INT, and 4 TDs!!! Their QB Threw 367 yards, 4 INT, and 3 TDs. get your facts straight, and don't exaggerate. Running game is starting again, we will see if it is good vs yalls D. and as for @Joe Marks they put up 340 yards, 2 INT, and 2 TDs. that's not a reasonable rebuttal.
All of me wants to say that florida sucks, lsu is DBU, LSU has better players at every position, but these teams are almost identical. it will be a good game
@OhioStateFan5 Oh please, you play cupcakes compared to LSU and Florida Schedules. When you play real teams like Alabama, LSU, Florida, Georgia etc. then you can talk.
@tailwhip99 yes, i know lol. the least we can be on this site is respectful. In the end, we are all fans of a football team. It is just stupid to come on this site and just talk trash over a computer. I get it if its friendly trash talk in person, me and my friends always do that, but just not like that. Good luck on gameday!!
@coreyalan you really got LSU there!!! I mean wow, I think we might need to just close down our school! Everyone here is being respectful of one another, talking about the game and whatnot, but you don't need to come in and make some insults. at least they are going to college, some people don't have that luxury. So maybe instead of coming on this site and insulting a college, maybe you should go help the people that need it instead of tearing down people that have worked hard to get were they are.
@LitiGator I apologize for the LSU fans rude behavior. that should not be something people have to worry about, all of us being human beings no matter what. Just know that not all of us are like that, and a lot of us are respectful. that is what I love about this site, everyone having conversations without throwing shade.
Thank you, but I live and breathe LSU Football, but at the end of the day, we are all humans living on the same earth. We should all be respectful and treat eachother with kindness, even if we might not like the opponent team. sometimes i have to remind myself that when i see a dirty hit or a bad play lol. good luck!!
You say that, but he has never been to Death Valley at night. let me just lay out some facts. There will be atleast 95,000 drunk cajuns yelling there heads off when Trask is trying to communicate with his star WR's and not too good O line. Bear Bryant, the old Alabama Coach, said it's like being inside a drum. Death Valley reaches a sound of 130 DB, good luck leaving without your ears ringing. They don't call it death valley for no reason. please think about what you say about a quarterback that just took the starter position 3 games ago.
LSU is DBU. That's what I say. But that is not what everyone says. Both teams have reasons to believe they are DBU, and both teams fans will claim they are DBU. Texas claimed they were DBU and Joe Burrow put up 471 yards and 4 touchdowns. Miami claimed they were DBU and florida put up nearly 300 points and 2 touchdowns. both teams have an argument. It will be a good game, good luck!!
I know, the rosters are almost identical. I had a hard time estimating the score, cause I know our defense will hold, but then I had to input your defense into the score so it will be a game. good luck, and may the best team win.
It will be a good game, but I think LSU comes out on top, maybe 35-21. UF has a great defense, perhaps one of the best in the SEC, but LSU has too many options on offense. They have Joe Burrow, who can throw for days but also scramble if needed. They have Clyde Edwards-Helaire and John Emery Jr. at running back. They have 2 nfl caliber wide recievers, Justin Jefferson and Ja'Marr Chase who have been nothing but great the past five games. Some might say we haven't played any good defense, but one of our best games offensively was against Texas, where Joe Burrow threw for 471 yards and 4 touchdowns against a team that calls themselves DBU. Florida's offense is struggling finding their run game, and they might have a hard time going up against Kristian Fulton, Grant Delpit, Derek Stingley Jr., Michael Divinity, K'lavon Chaisson, and Patrick Queen. All in all will be a good game. Geaux LSU!!!
LSU has 4 NFL Caliber players on both ends of the football, and the AU Front prediction was early before LSU started showing up. I won't underestimate your Defense, but if you underestimate ours, you guys will sure live to regret it.
I am an LSU fan, but that score is unreasonable, come on now.
No Way, you can't be serious! Justin Jefferson and Ja'Marr Chase are NFL Caliber WR's! If Terrace Marshall is back, ya'll don't have a third corner to cover him. Our running back depth is crazy good as well, with 3 good running backs. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, John Emery Jr., and Tyrion Davis-Price. Derek Stingley Jr. and Kristian Fulton are two of the best corners in college football, along with Grant Delpit, an NFL Caliber Safety, to hold it down deep. K'Lavon Chaisson is an amazing pass rusher, and you say you have better players on both side of the ball? oh please, show me the facts.
I would agree if it was any other circumstance other than Playing IN DEATH VALLEY at 8:00 AT NIGHT.
I hear you, and you have reason to believe that, but let me counter that. You say our running game is worse than florida, but we have been throwing it way more because LSU Finally has a 1st round quarterback. On top of that, we just started to have the running game more and more to ballance out the offence. And you say Joe Burrow has only played terrible defense? Look at Texas, who called themselves DBU, and how many yards did we put up against them? 471. How many Passing Touchdowns? 4. How many yards per rush did Clyde Edwards-Helaire average? 5.8 a carry. You cant argue with the facts, but it will be a good game.
Go tigers, it will be a good game!
I would like a former LSU player, maybe Shaq, Jamal Adams, Leonard Fournette, Odell Beckham, or even our former coach, Les Miles.
It will be a good game, I think it wil be a hard fought, in the trenches game. Your offense is good, but if we shut down the pass game, you guys will put up 21 points maximum. Our offense has been stellar, and those claiming that we only play bad defenses, lets talk about it. We beat Texas, (DBU claimed just like UF) and put up 400 yards in the air. our running game is igniting now, and we are ready for this game. UF Defense is very good, without a doubt, but I think playing in Death Valley at 8:00, that will be the deciding factor on top of yalls offense, good luck hearing lol. It will be a good game, and I hold respect for all our rivals.