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Let’s be honest Alabama has a clear deficiency in pass coverage at the lb level lee is a definitely a liability I don’t expect him to be used a lot in this game; I also think shyiem carter will get exposed by a combination of Jefferson and Marshall in the slot; Alabama d line is ok at best raquuan has regressed and only did anything worth a crap when Jordan Allen And Daron Payne were eating up blocks since then he hasn’t done junk and he still didn’t do crap last year when Quentin Williams was getting double teamed ; u have one great pass rusher in Terrell Lewis however we will make it our objective to slow him down by running right at him and then he will also get worn down in the game in nickel situation by having to cover TE so he won’t do crap; ur secondary besides diggs is overrated McKinney is projected first round but on a good day plays like third rounder; offensively no one in the country can guard jeudy however tbh Stingley is the most equipped and runs a 4.30; u don’t have a stable and backs like years pasts u have one five star who has underperformed in Harris and then a gigantic drop off in robinson, the only person who scares me is honestly is ruggs. Waddle and smith are good not great we’ll be fine on that end geaux tigaz we finally get W more confident than Ive been since 2012 yeldon screen pass